Friday, May 31, 2019

What you should know about the ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LEADERSHIP AWARDS organized by Roundnews media

This is an award that is geared towards recognising and rewarding Political Personalities, Reputable Firms, Business minded persons and Worthy Individuals (students) and those who have solved Entrepreneurial and Leadership problems.

It will help to encourage and motivate vibrant and worthy individuals who has against all odds try to revive the society through their ideas and contritiins.

Knowing fully well that Entrepreneurship is an essential part of the society and it has helped to develop skills,  talents and also builds the youths in different capacities. It is necessary that will acknowledge and reward these great deeds and encourage them to do more.

Likewise, in a society like ours, Leadership cannot be swept under the carpet and some worthy personalities are playing great role in ensuring Capacity building and Empowerment through quality Leadership style. It has really helped our economy.

These are reasons why the ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LEADERSHIP AWARDS is paramount.

We are also aware of the great works of some students that is causing societal change and laying a good foundation for others to follow. These are commendable works we want to reward.

The mission is to discover, develop and deploy workable ways to make these reputable individuals an enigma to emulate.

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