Tuesday, May 21, 2019


By: Adewumi Olamide

To nuture a passion is one thing and to be able to earn through it is a surplus. Many young women are passionate about so many profession but for one defined reason or the other had to abandon it. maybe to uphold their integrity or to raise their societal reputation or even to elevate family's prestige.

It isn't exactly acceptable that most times, the decision to renounce ones passion for some unnecessary reason is hugely practiced by the women, even the profession that are both gender fit are mostly ridiculous enough to push the unfairness to the women, let's take for instance,the modelling agencies where the women always have to expose half if not all of their nudity and the men, does the covering. If you flip through the internet, you'll be baffled at the kind of weird pictures of the ladies displayed there.

Like Jezebel in the Bible who incited heresy and turned the Jews away from their God and back to the idol, such is the most suitable comparison to the case of our modelling agencies of today.
There are so many negative influences attached to it, aside the reality that these Ladies put in every effort to maintain the required body types and shapes which most times leads to their developing eating disorder, it also to an extent promotes sexual exploitation. They either sleep with organizers and get sponsored for points or they are used as sexual entertainers.

One pathetic thing about it all is the fact that replacement of a model is constant,there is no guarantee of the stability or permanence of a model, once the required quality deserts you, you become utterly needless to the agency.

Immorality and redundancy is one debasing attribute of the agency, it has contributed immensely in tarnishing the interest of most ladies in modelling, the fear of rubbishing one's image has discouraged our young aspiring female models.

As a young girl, I have always wanted to be on the run way,always wanted to go for beauty contest all over the world but as I grew up and got hit by reality,my dreams came crashing down.

 These days, the agency isn't perceived by the world with any conducive reputation but as a home for sluts,especially Africa, where culture is held with extreme regards,they go to the length of categorizing women who found their profession in the agency as those who sell their body for money and popularity. They've disgraced human modesty and belittled the respect for culture.

To correct the afore mentioned reverence and perception about modelling agencies, crucial measures should be taken to enable our young women who are aspiring models to pursue their passion with utmost integrity.

ADEWUMI OLAMIDE  is a Young Promising Writer. She is a student of Mass Communication, A Corporate Anchor and Social Worker.

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