Saturday, March 30, 2019

Must Read: Do you know Kohwope and Lendify?

Kohwope –an acronym for King of Heroes Wealth Optimising Premium Enterprise,  is a fusion of digital and offline financial solution for the purpose of wealth creation/redistribution/optimisation and financial security for disruptive startups, emerging entrepreneurs, small/medium-scale business owners, working class, non-bank users and students.

We encourage little by little but consistent savings over a period of time. Such savings can then either be used for a predetermined personal/business purpose or locked in as investment.

The locked-in savings are redistributed in form of low interest rate loans to credit worthy individuals and businesses. In due course, investors get back their savings with prespecified interest.

We are also into the business of bridging the gap between everyday income earners and banks without the frivolous deductions and hidden charges on money saved.

By that, we are able to help you perform almost all banking transactions from the comfort of your place of occupation and on the go through internet.

Our Services include:
1. Individual savings –this allows you to save a specific amount daily/weekly/monthly. Such savings can either be made by cash to our Marketing Agents or paid through automated debit system on our online platforms with mild restrictions on withdrawal.

2. Cooperative savings –this helps us moderate a group of individuals who have agreed to contribute to one another. One or two members get the accumulated weekly/monthly savings by turn.

3. Investment saving –here, you save into a lock-in account where you either choose to get interest on your savings on monthly basis or after some specified months.

4. Debt Retrieval –using our chain of agents, we offer third party debt retrieval service. We help individual or corporate bodies collect their outstanding debts at a percentage.

5. Internet Banking –we offer Fintech solutions such as recharge, fund transfer, bill payment, etc.

Kohwope is not a bank,  We only seek to bridge the gap between everyday income earners and banks through our easy to use products and outstanding customer care services.

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