Saturday, March 9, 2019

#BalanceForBetter: Evelyn Tabitha Hosts International Women's Day With Akure Powerful Women

Evelyn Tabitha is a  Mental health enthusiast, Fashionista, Model, Aesthete and creative writer.

She is the convener of International Women's Day Celebration held at CSI headquarter, Akure, Ondo State.

In her speech she made it known that "international women's day is a program In honor of the International Women's Day 2019, where she summon and persuade women to be brave and bold to live a purpose fulfilling life forge a positive visibility, forget a more gender balance world, take action to redress inequality in the society in the hope for a better future for the community and society they live in"

Women are to demonstrate courage, dedication, passion and ambition not only in the home, career but also in the society so as to strike and achieve the balance.

Get a skill and acquire knowledge, earn money (that's the confidence) build up your man and support your fellow women, that's important if you are really into the  #Balance4Better movement. A glow woman can help
Other women glow and still be peng. You are not to compete but rather compliment. It's time to keep it balanced.

Mrs. Francisca Ogunlade, whom is a banker, writer, speaker and the convener of Beauty and Bride said in her speech said that" There's a need to be fierce but also to be gentle on yourself, love yourself dearly, make out time for yourself  just for yourself alone, go to the spa, do your pedicure and manicure, ensure your hair is neat and healthy irrespective of fashion and style, know your health status"

It is important for woman to strike a balance in her look in correspondence to her home, her career and the society.

Tosin Kings, CEO of Lydrol photograph in her speech told the congregation about working has no gender, stressful and striking a balance in what you do as a woman. If you are not healthy there is nothing you can do. Always ensure that no matter what make sure you take care of your well-being. She also talk about a woman, hee career, her home and the balance.

Ayo Ajisafe, CEO of Cboy Production also added that international women's day is pushing alot of women together, which is possible in making life better. But why do we need this balance?, why should we give women equal chances?

Smart360Media Correspondent reported that, the question was replied by Tosin Kings, we want gender balance because we can do it and do you know that in Nigeria average women support women, but if we can start with this by supporting each other totally it will go along way.

Women is the strongest in the world, the pain of child labour is equivalent to injury on the body.

Mc Tosjah while anchoring the event said "To achieve balance, women need to step up to there responsibilities"

Mr. Martin-Mary, the CEO of Kids and Teen in his brief speech talks about "The need for men to support and allow their women live their life in full potential without the fear of she taking over and competing with him as the success and  happiness of their wife is of fulfillment and compliment that brings about longevity and health to them."

Online Air Personality from Orange FM, Mrs. Chioma Ogungbenro talks about women following her passion and endurance shouldn't come first before enjoyment in marriage all in bid to get married and also to all women enjoyment in marriage is the greatest thing that we all need to have in our heart, if we have this then we are good to go in our marriage.

Balance the world
Better the world !!!


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