Friday, January 4, 2019

The unforgivable sin of NANS under the Leadership of President Bamidele Danielson

The tragedy of life begins the very moment we keep mute about things that matters.
    Martin Luther king

I was elated when I heard that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari will be meeting with the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) , I so much believe it was an avenue for the President himself to hear from the horse’s mouth until I had the privilege to view the calibers of people who were present at the meeting with the NANS President himself which excludes the Students Union Presidents who are very vital and are suppose to be the priority of NANS under the leadership of the NANS President Mr Bamidele Danielson

I could remember we had two NANS President in the last administration and I commend both Comr. Quadri Aruna and Comr. Obasi for synchronizing their opinions together for the sake of peace to put an end to faction in NANS.

At that point, I presumed that NANS is coming up again to stand for the interest of the Nigerian students until I viewed the exasperating photos and videos, especially where the NANS President Mr Danielson Bamidele Promised 20 million votes to the re-election bid of Presidents Muhammadu Buhari.

What a mess!!!

Maxwell said and i quote that “the unquestionable quality of leadership is Integrity ".

The NANS President Mr Bamidele Danielson had a great opportunity to showcase his loyalty and integrity to Nigerian Students, that will not stop the Constituted Authority from recognizing the fact that the NANS President has a lot of capacity within his jurisdiction to pull some stunts. He should have taken his time to speak in a manner that the President would sympathize with Nigerian Students and make quick recommendations to the President on how Asuu Strike can be stopped.

After all, we are students we are expected to provide solution to problems. Far back in history, the moment when students and the society at large sees NANS at the forefront of the nation's struggle they believed we are one step closer to the realization of freedom but at this dispensation NANS as a body is viewed as conglomerate of dumb students, drop outs and most times tagged as cultist which is very wrong.

The NANS President should have highlighted practically the negative impact of continuous Strike on Nigerian Students to the President.

NANS leadership has once again shown to us that they are not interested in the progress of this country, they have forgotten that their loyalty to Nigerian students is more important than their loyalty to the government of the day

They have misused the influence of Nigerian students as a body by Providing a ill and rackety representation, they need to be crucified for adding pains to the already established bruise of Nigerian students.

Struggle continues until the equation of justice is balanced.

If the Student body who are fresh youths of this calibers can’t liberate the student and youths movement of this nation, how are we sure we can entrust the matters of the whole nation to the youths agitating for #Nottooyoungtolead

We need to ponder.

Fowobaje Oluwaseun Pope jero
President, Youth Manumission Movement NGN

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