Wednesday, January 23, 2019

#SocialWorkPoetry – Ola TheRAWPoet’s Concert in Benin (Review & Pictures)

Ola TheRAWPoet’s spoken word poetry album, Social Work is set to be released soon. In case you were not at “The Unveiling” concert held in Benin, we bring you small gist and pictures.

The 2-hours event which held at one of the movie halls of Filmhouse Cinema Benin had the enthusiastic Bodunde Olowu pumping excitements into the air for the audience, whom made it through to the venue despite an unpredictable heavy downpour. The National Anthem was recited, just before Ola’s opening performance "My Mirror & I" which had him wearing a sunshade this time and signing out like 007 *winks*

The talented Marvel Roberts was the standby guitarist; he did his own song to serenade the audience before TheRAWPoet’s “Lessons From Childhood” and “I Need One Man” performances. CP Kings took the concert to another level, when he made the audience scream as he spewed punch-lines on their faces.

Then, somewhere from the audience, we heard "Ola should perform Ignorance now" and it’s either the MC related to Ola who was backstage, or he heard… “Ignorance” it was next. Really, when you hear the poem, you will know why the audience chorused earlier. “Peek-A-Boo” sent silence to the hall… FGM needs to be completely stopped now. Abeg!

If you were a guy and you came with your girl, what happened next could have taken her away… Lol. See, A.D.A.M casted a love spell on the ladies with his voice; and that wasn’t enough ‘till Toby Abiodun literally turned the hall upside down with a poem he dedicated to the ladies.

“Asake” was the last performance by Ola TheRAWPoet, afterwards he called on everyone to be supportive of one another. He thought us a chorus with his mantra “Together To The Top” and we all sang together as we held hands. Paul Word, ET Godspower, Tega Cross, Cirphrank, AFI, Michelle Reeves and some other poets were also in attendance. BELOW are some pictures, visit tinyurl.com/social-work-benin for more.

More pictures below;

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