Saturday, January 26, 2019

Small Tinny Entertainment Beats Damilare – Man Alleges

A man identified as Fajenyo Mubarak has taken to twitter to call out CEO of Tinny Entertainment, Small Tinny, for allegedly beating his signee Damilare Blue Black. According to the story, which was later corroborated by Damilare, Small Tinny was alleged infuriated by an incident and then pour his vexation on his artiste, right in front of potential signess he was about to sign on to the label.

Mubarak had written:
@smalltinny physically assaulted @damilaremusic simply because he could i’m so pissed rn.. no wonder everybody left your dead label.
Then the victim, himself wrote:

And he did this in front of 4 other upcoming artists that he wants to sign to his dead label… he tore my cloth yesterday night and he punched me,then he called one of his friends to come and beat me,that guy slapped me 6times…

he’s still with my bag and my charger rn. If na your son “Tyler”Dem dey slap for street like that how Hin go feel….you comfortably mixed your emotions with business and you bleeped everything you built up… I’m in ekiti rn,I have a show tonight,I’ll be back in Lagos tomorrow morning,we go definitely check you for house.

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