Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ola The Raw Poet's Social Work Unveiling Concert In Akure (Review & Pictures)

Ola TheRAWPoet’s Social Work Unveiling Concert in Akure (Review & Pictures)

Sequel to the recent announcement of the release date for Social Work; the debut spoken word poetry album of Ola TheRAWPoet Adene, we bring you small gist and pictures from “The Unveiling” concert held in Akure.

The talented Muxical Theo opened the event with Melody (his guitar), doing several popular songs thrown at him by the excited audience, moderated by Eniobanke, before Antonia sang the National Anthem with her angelic voice. It didn’t take time before Ola himself joined Theo on stage for his opening performance “My Mirror &  I” which had everyone thinking out loud that there’s more… *winks*

As Ola moved on to perform with an apple and a tennis ball in his hands, Muxical Theo played at the background, till they both did a magical duet of the former’s “Lessons From Childhood” poem and the latter’s “Colours” song.

Isabella blessed the ambience richly with the piece “Self Love” while Temmy Dave talked about a budding societal problem – Depression. Then, Peek-A-Boo! Just like the game itself, Ola opened our eyes to the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The highlight of the event was when Ola performed “Asake” just as his mum walked into the hall, and as usual, a lot of ‘awww’ filled the air. Lol.

Another thing worthy of note is the arrangement of each performance. The sync is bliss. The witty line “I am not here to tell you you’re beautiful because beauty is relative and I am not your relative” by Wumi George during his performance can’t be forgotten, even as the amazing Precious O’ Dahunsi caught the attention of all ears and eyes with her story.

Oh, Mona-Mona! The poem relayed on the strengths embedded in friendship, sealed the event. Ola had everyone singing the chorus all the way; and there couldn’t have been a better way to wrap up a poetry concert. BELOW are some pictures, visit tinyurl.com/social-work-akure for more.

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