Monday, December 31, 2018

This Video Of Soldiers Running Away Was Not Shot In 2014 - Murray Bruce

The claim by the the Niagerian army authorities that the viral video of security forces complaining of lack of weapons was a 2014 video has been shown to be false Digital Forensics( Verifiable via Google ) released by Senator Been Murray Bruce has clearly shown that despite the claims by the Army the video showing security forces retreating but declaring willingness to fight but complaining of lack of weapons was a completely new video.

Thanks to Google date stamps.
The senator said "The claim by the Nigerian Army that this video was shot in 2014 is not true. This is easily verifiable. Check through @Google and @YouTube. This is a new video. The claims by these soldiers must be investigated and not denied.

 In the video Nigerian Soldiers speaking English and Yoruba we're heard saying many of their colleagues have fallen, and if the Nigerian army are serious about fighting the insurgents they should provide weapons.

 Buhari has unilaterally withdrawn 1 billion dollars from the excess crude account without appropriation to fight Boko Haram , However soldiers on the Frontline claim they are yet to receive any new weapons to fight insurgents.

 To Watch Video : Click on this Link https://twitter.com/renoomokri/ status/1079505798105985024?s=19

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