Sunday, December 16, 2018


Fayose got more than he bargained for today during the wedding of the daughter of Oba Adejugbe, the Ewi of Ado Ekiti at the Anglican Church Cathedral Ado Ekiti.

Fayose came into the Church in a white buba and soro when the Church Service was in progress but shouts of Ole, Ole (thief! Thief! ) rented the air!

This almost interrupted the Church Service as many people in the Church poured inventives on him calling him 419 Governor, a destroyer of peoples property and a wicked governor.

When the heat on Fayose became unbearable midway into the service, he was ferried from the Church by security agents to under the bridge where his car was parked. He got another surprise waiting for him outside the Church as a big crowd was waiting for him. He was sandwiched between security agents and the Deputy Governor who ensured he entered his car unhurt and zoomed off. Not done, the crowd ran after his vehicle and pelted it with stones!

Meanwhile, while abuses were being hurled at Fayose inside the church, former Governor Mimiko felt so unconcerned and kept to himself. Also present at the church were prominent traditional rulers like the Deji of Akure, Osemawe of Ondo and many traditional rulers in Ekiti State.

Fayose came into Ado Ekiti yesterday probably to felicitate with Oba Adejugbe, the Ewi of Ado Ekiti over his daughter's wedding and also to test the waters on his popularity being the first time after he stepped into the State. His visit to the palace yesterday was not announced so he came in sudeenly and went into the market where a handful of market women and some street urchins shouted Osoko but it was a different ball game in the church today.
The last one week has been bad for Fayose. Just last week on Ibadan when the PDP candidate, Abubakar Atiku visited, he was ignored by other PDP leaders including the National Chairman, Secondus. This made Fayose very lonely and sat in a corner looking forlorn. This was after he was involved in a motor accident on the third mainland bridge.

Fayose was embarrased at the Ibadan meeting when against his expection, the National leadership of the PDP recognised Senator Biodun Olujimi as the leader of the PDP in Ekiti State.

As the 2019 election approaches, Fayose may face many battles from within his own party and from the ruling APC in the State.

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