Monday, December 24, 2018

Mimiko Speaks At Hangout With Gbenga Adene

Hangout With Gbenga Adene is a yearly event with the aim of networking, connecting youths across the globe and also to bring out the potentials in them. The theme of  HOWGA 2018 was The Society and Emotional Intelligence.

This year Hangout With Gbenga Adene (HOWGA) came up at the Premier Hub beside A and T Presidential Hotel along Benin-Ilesha Express way, Akure.

Smart360Media correspondent reported that, Youths across the globe with different dignitries were present for the event.

The entry of Ondo State former Governor, Dr. Oluesegun Mimiko was amazing because nobody was expecting him to come also their was no publication or publicity about his coming.

The Convener of the event Gbenga Adene who is also an Architect thank Dr. Oluesegun Mimiko for his kind gesture to have graced the event, he also added that, his present to the event is an addition to the support he have been giving to the youths of Ondo State from the time past.

Dr. Oluesegun Mimiko in his brief speech added that the concept of emotional intelligence can be encapsulated in one word 'empathy'. Now if you are emotionally intelligent you are able to overcome your own emotions, then you can  pacifiers with others, you can also put yourself in that position to understand that people have different perspectives to life, so you are able to manage the relationship inspite of differences in all perceptive, now you also empathize and I say that if you have leaders with intelligence that will be a Wonderful combination because it takes a leader that is emotionally intelligent to know that people must live like human beings and that the role of the government defined by any constitution including our own is to take care of the security and welfare of the people, a government for example that does not prepare for emergencies is a society like emergency services for road traffic accident which is the biggest killer of young people in Nigeria. Now if a government does not have an integrated emergency medical services, the leaders cannot claim to have emotional intelligence. So am saying that the combination of emotional intelligence and the normal IQ will make wonderful leaders and that is what  we need in Africa.

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