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JAMB 2019-things To Consider When Choosing A Course - Education -


I want to be a doctor because my daddy or my brother is a doctor, therefore i must study medicine, I want to be a Lawyer because my sister or mum is a lawyer, therefore i must study Law.

The above statement has become an anthem in almost every aspirants lip, no wonder Medicine and Law are the most sought courses in every university in Nigeria, where you see over 10,000 aspirants competing for 100 quota ( survival for the fittest).

In this post, i want to discuss the things to be considered in choosing the right course in JAMB 2019. This post will open your eye to see if you are academically fit for the fierce competition for Medicine or Law.

Choosing a career/course for yourself is one of the most difficult task that will decide your future. If you get it wrong now, you will get it wrong forever. That's why i will always advise anyone to think before settling down for a career/course that will determine your success in the future.


In this post, i will be stating out reasons on;
Things you should not consider when choosing a career/course.

Things to consider when choosing a career/course.

But before going into those outlines above, i want you to know something which might be of importance to you. I want you to know what eventually happens when you choose the wrong career/course and when you choose the right career/course.

When you choose the wrong course;

-You won't have a clear vision or plans for your future.
-You will be full of regrets ( had i known)
-You will look confused since you have no clear plans for your future.
-You won't love your career/course since it is not what you love to do.
-You will feel unsuccessful.

When you choose the right course;

-You will surely have clear plans for your future.
-Since you have clear plans for your future, you won't be confuse.
-You will feel successful even when you have not attain success.
-You will love your career since it is what you love to do (passion).
-Honestly, you will be filled with happiness all through your life.

Looking at those things i listed above, i am very certain you will love to choose the right course/career. Who doesn't want a fulfilled career? Of course, everyone want to be successful one way or the other, i assure you that reading this post will be the beginning of your success.

Now let us go into the post outline for this topic, i hope you are reading attentively because this is where you will know how to choose a career/course.


The Career/Course is Lucrative: Choosing a career/course because it is lucrative is a bad start for you. Please don't get me wrong, i didn't say it is wrong to choose a lucrative career/course but all I'm saying is that choosing a course "just" because it is very lucrative in which you don't have passion for, is wrong. For instance, a student best subject is physics and in addition to that, the student is allergic to seeing blood, it shows that medicine and surgery is not his/her career. Be wise!!!

The Career is Popular: Alot of students nowadays prefer to choose popular courses like medicine and surgery or law simply because it is a popular course. The truth is that there are alot of doctors regretting why they opted in for medicine and surgery, and this only happen when you choose a career/course for the wrong reasons other than having passion for the career/course. Courses like biochemistry, microbiology etc are very good courses to choose, why waste your time pursuing medicine and surgery that is always highly competitive. Choose a career/course because you have passion and knowledge about it and not because it is popular.

Family influence : I have seen families dictates for their children the kind of course they want them to study. Most times, they will want their children to study the course they studied in school or popular courses like medicine and surgery or law or banking and finance. This kind of situation can be so frustrating because i have once experience it , but how did i solve the problem? I had to sit my parents down and tell them that the course they want me to study is my weakness, that i will fail woefully in that course. Pour your mind out to them, make them see reasons why you can't study the course. Take a decision today that will make you happy tomorrow because your family won't be there for you forever.


Know your strength and weakness: [/b]Most students have their strengths and weaknesses one way or the other. It is rare for a student to be good in all areas. For instance, you might be good in mathematics (strength) and be finding biology very difficult (weakness). All this are important factors when deciding your course/career.

[b]Your best subject: This also play a vital role when choosing your course/career. For instance, if your best subjects are physics and mathematics, then you should focus on courses based on those two subjects like engineering course. Knowing your best subject will restrict you from choosing courses that are not relevant, for instance, a student that love mathematics and physics but detest biology and chemistry should know that he/she should remove courses like medicine and surgery from the option when choosing a course/career.

Your goals: I expect every average student to have a goal, i mean a life plan. You should find time to ask yourself what you really want to be in future, you can also seek advice from your parents or professional in different field , by doing this, you will garner more knowledge about the course/career you really want to study.

Your passion: The whole list will be incomplete with this, passion. Choosing a course/career must be based on your passion. Ask yourself this questions; do i really want this course? Do i have any skills related to this course? Give an answer to these questions and you will be good to go. Everything is all about passion because you will easily get frustrated if you choose a course/career you don't have passion for. Check yourself!!!

Let me engage you in a quick exercise by asking you some questions and i will be glad you give your answers in the comment box below.

-What is your best subject?
-What course do you wish to study?
-Why did you prefer that course?
-Does the course correlate with your best subject?
-Apart from that course, what other course do you prefer?

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