Thursday, November 22, 2018


"Our decision today determines our destination tomorrow"

The Political Structure of this country has made it very unrealistic to choose the best leader for the people, If for more than 18 years we have been giving the opportunity to be choosing our leaders ourselves and yet we are where we are today, it means our decisions then has brought us to where we are now.

Even though, most of our choices are made base on the influence of others who we don't really know their real motive,Politics is a game of interest and at the same time the interest of the people should also be paramount.

The truth is, different political parties has been hijacked by those who run political business in Nigeria, we are not in a country that strives for intellectualism in getting positive result, the moment you are not part of the noise making team during the electioneering process , you are likely not to be part of those who will set the system on a high pedestal even if you have the required qualities.

A Prof who once contested for a public office said he organised over 150 town hall meetings identifying their problems and proffering relative solutions to them but still lost the election to someone who brought money on the election day to buy the vote of the people.

What a country?

A former President of Ghana said Nigerians are still in love with their oppressors "

Yes it is true, we are still in love with them,we are still enjoying they way they treat us, we are still in love with the way they manage our resources, our future, our economy, they way they brought religious war, tribalism amongst us

The solution to Nigeria problem is with Nigerians.

How do I indulge myself in political parties whose immorality will end up putting the people i represent into shambles?

How do I relate my ideology with Political parties whose interest is to run a program that will put the people on their knees to beg for food, to beg for survival?

I have received a lot of persuasion from friends, elders, political leaders to join a political party, yes it is good but I would find it very uncomfortable to see myself under a platform that will not preach the gospel I represent that's why I have decided to be supporting personalities who i can vouch for irregardless of their party affiliations.

"In the time of decision, the first thing to do is to make the right decision, the next best thing to do is to make the wrong decision and the worst thing to do is nothing "

Nevertheless, it is very necessary I belong to a structure. I would make necessary consultation with my people before I announced officially but I will continue to support people whose conscience has been registered with the interest of the people

I so submit

Fowobaje Oluwaseun Pope jero
Uncommon Breed

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