Saturday, November 17, 2018

Buhari Did Not Attend The First World Centenary Held in France Last Week – Organizers

Contrary to the false claims by the Presidency, President Buhari was not at the major events of the just concluded First World Centenary held in France according to Hope for Nigeria’s inquires from the department of Veterans’ affairs.

“The Armistice Day main events was graced by world leaders and the Nigerian leader was not present at the Arc De Triomphe Hall and his name was not on the official list of dignitaries published and sent to the Press”.

President Buhari informed Nigerians that he left for France to attend the Remembrance Day commemoration held at the Arc De Triomphe Hall., Villers-Bretonnex in France On November 11-13, 2018, but never showed up at the main event.

Sadly, the Nigeria government was posting pictures of Buhari in an unrelated event held in France in 2015 (Climate Change conference). The podium used in the Armistice day event exposed president Buhari’s handlers dishonesty as Buhari’s was seen in pictures with the 2015 event podium.

Many questions remains unanswered. If Buhari was in France, why did he not attend the main event he announced to Nigerians? Why are they distributing fake pictures forgetting that the real photos of attendees are on the internet? What is these people up to?

– Hope For Nigerian

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