Tuesday, September 18, 2018

This is Our Dream and We Will Not Compromise: A Letter to Ondo State Youths. Vol. 3.

By. Akinnawo Oluwaseun

Fellow compatriots, for so many years, we have hoped and aspired to secure a country we can call our own. A country with equal opportunities for all where we the youths can pursue our goals without fear or hindrance. Where hard work and courage are rewarded with result and progress. Where Government respects you and I as citizens, and protect our interests fervently.

Painfully, we have continued to labor without meaningful results as our brothers and sisters graduates from the university to join a frustrated colony of the unemployed. We are daily confounded by the seeming inability of government to address the problems we face and provide lasting solutions.

In fact, our leaders in elective offices are so smug and self-conceited that rather than see their positions as an opportunity to serve they treat us as unfortunate people they do daily favors.

We certainly cannot and should not continue with the way things are. If we do not break from the mold of subjugation and second-hand citizenship, then we’d have predestined the generation coming after us to a fight that should have been ours to overcome and ushered them into a society where not a single system works.

For those among us who have been able to carve a comfortable niche for themselves, and who thus feel convinced they have escaped the circle of hardship, here’s a sad truth : you have not. There can be no true prosperity or security for lives, properties and the future in a society where nothing works. Every institutions and system within the country are interconnected independent whole, where one fails the others are affected.

So we must act. We must take ownership of our lives, our destiny and our government. We must govern ourselves in humility and service to all. We must make our government work for the needy and helpless citizens. This is your dream, our dream and this is what I share in. I am determined to pursue this dream with you, and go whatever legitimate length we must to achieve our shared goals. We cannot sell out because we are determined to take back our country.

All over Nigeria today, young men and women who have seen that the best way to save our country is to stand up and be counted have all joined the struggle, what are you waiting for?

Today we now have alignment and realignment of social forces of youths across the country. We currently have 16 youthful aspirants for the position of the Nigeria President, 82 for the Senate, 162 for House of Representatives and 419 for the House of Assembly across Nigeria. This is the beginning of the revolution, we need more people to come up.

The political revolution is gathering momentum and you need to get up and be counted. From my constituency, Idanre, we need more youthful aspirants in for the House of Representatives election, for the House of Assembly. We need youthful aspirants across Ondo State in all of the local government and Nigeria as a whole. This IS achievable.

In furtherance of the discourse on the necessary political participation of youths in politics, we will be hosting youth leaders and general members of the youth constituency in idanre in an explosive symposium- the Idanre Youth Symposium. Our aim is to stir up much needed interest, provide the platform to embolden our dreams and share among ourselves ideas on the way forward.

As we conclude plans to have a successful program, may I invite you all to stay prepared and come ready. Arm yourselves with the requisite knowledge and history to challenge the status quo. Search in your hearts for the clarion song of nationalism and patriotism, and let the chorus of our voices reverberate and shake the foundations of this state and nation.

I believe in you and I believe in the Ondo State dream. I see in you the flames to set this state and nation ablaze in a fiery din of revival and revolution. Do not let your dreams go with the wind, nor your courage to stand up and say enough is enough wane in the face of the difficult task ahead of us. We are made of stern quality and un-breakable mettle, and this is our time to rise up together and enforce our dreams and aspirations.

May God bless our dreams and aspirations, and bless the Ondo State and Nigeria as we reposition ourselves for true change.

Akinnawo Oluwaseun.
Aspirant, Ondo state House of Assembly,
Idanre constituency.

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