Thursday, September 27, 2018

My Thoughts Today On Osun State Re-run- Akinnawo Oluwaseun

Akinnawo Oluwaseun

As the good people of Osun return to the re-run polls today, it is pertinent to re-emphasise a particular point - this election is NOT about any one man or a party’s aspiration, it is about the people.

If the good people of Osun would take a moment to appraise this election and its intrigues they would come to the conclusion that the very soul of Osun is being fought for; the battle is uneven, bias and obviously rigged to overwhelm the collective wish of Osun state to leave an era of godfatherism, retrogression and debt to a new chance at revival and re-growth.

Osun represents the first stand against tyranny, money-politics and impunity. Understand that Nigeria looks up anxiously to this election as a premonition of the possibilities of the 2019 election. By the very desperate antics of the ruling party in the state, know the race is for the swift, diligent and committed.

Never again will the ego of one man form the basis for state policies, nor the bedtime musings of analogical leaders form the nucleus of Osun’s growth. A few naira as bribe should not be the price of loyalty, the cost of mortgaging votes and pandering to midnight wooing against the common good is four miserable years of penury and more debt.

Know this, one man cannot hold the fate of a state at hand. That is a power reserved for God alone. Let's go into this election as one people united under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party, determined and undeterred, even though it's not my party. All coalitions against the people’s good must be refuted at the polls. Osun is no man’s property and cannot be gifted away.

I urge all accredited voters in the affected wards for today’s rerun polls to be steadfast and defend their votes. Do not feed the lies of those who speak cheaply of your votes nor countenance the hypocrisy of any who seek to trade your transformation for selfish gains from the ruling class. Be firm and courageous, be selfless and prepared. Osun rest now in your hands.

Akinnawo Oluwaseun, is an advocator of liberation.

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