Saturday, September 22, 2018


By Yewande

The historical path of the man called ‘Iroko’ will be a mouthful if I need to go into details, but it’s no news he rode on the back of treachery all the time. This approach of his has been applied in all his political outing and now, it seems his political wittiness is about to out-play him after his declaration to run for presidency in 2019.

For a man who shot a political platform called Labour Party to limelight in Ondo State an it was well accept in the state, but he could not even stay true to his supporters but for personal gains he had to switch to the PDP to coordinate the South West activities of the Goodluck Jonathan second term bid (how untrustworthy is that!). So, it is unbelievable how he (Mimiko) wants to run for presidency under a party he personally made popular and destroyed in Ondo State.

Labour Party had the material to contest along with other known political parties in Nigeria back when it was newly created, but where the party stands now, one cannot even vouch for the party to bring in two Local Government Areas within Ondo state, talk more of the Seven Hundred and Seventy-Four Local government in Nigeria.

If this is not all a joke and a conspiracy theory to confuse the mind of Nigerians, then, I do not know what is. The trick Mimiko is playing still leaves major political roles in Ondo state to PDP. Athough, his presidential race is perceived to be a coy to stay relevant to the political course, but more dangerously, Mimiko can be cohooting with a known political party whereby it is requested of him to gather supporters from his zone (Ondo Central) and promised a political platform to run on in the future.

Contrary to these theories, his declaration for presidency will seem nothing less than a mockery of his much adorned political intelligence which is nothing more than deception and a play of politics over the welfare of the greater good of his supporters.

 Yewande is a social commentator and hails from Owo in Ondo State

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