Saturday, September 22, 2018

Akinnawo welcome Chief Olu Falae to the Octogenarian club

In the moralistic largeness of that song, it was obvious that you had long carved a rare niche for greatness and exemplary excellence for your good self.

And now at 80, you have long claimed the highest hills and witnessed the lowest valleys. But you are a man of unyielding vision and dogged pursuit. From the fount of youthful adventure when you struck out alone in the federal ministry to define and articulate the path of an independent public servant, you have always been a maverick, a stubborn long-range wading through the challenges of life with firmness of purpose and with an inspired clarity of conviction.

Through the ebb and flow of your FOUR SCORES on mother earth, you remain a giant of a man, both in monumental attainments and in your untiring steadfastness to contribute to innumerable humanitarian projects to uplift the society.

Sir, you are typical Omoluabi man that is the enviable symbol of Yoruba legend as you resolve yourself to the purity of purpose and instinctive sacrifice in all pursuits.

At 80, Chief Olu Falae, you have earned for yourself a definitive place in the pantheon of leaders who will stand firmly with the truth, no matter the odds, who will stand dutifully with a friend no matter the peril.

Chief Olu Falae, has now become a name that brightens everywhere with a profound halo of redemption and great possibilities. You have become an ICON whose unifying idealism and representative visions are now inspiring millions of Nigerians to dream big, to work hard, to confront the odds, to grapple with the task at hand with the purest of motives and with stubborn determination.

A significant symbol of selflessness and tremendous sacrifice. You are a true humanitarian whose sweeping philanthropy has touched many lives across several decades. You have lifted the poor from penury. You have given sucor to widows. You have given hope to the defeated. You have endowed many professionals chairs, thereby promoting learning and uplifting education.

May the good Lord continue to guide and protect you and grant you more healthy and prosperous years in your selfless service to humanity.

Akinnawo Oluwaseun
LP Aspirant, Ondo state House of Assembly,
Idanre constituency.

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