Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New grass root ideological political party, ASD birthed in Ondo State, Nigeria

A new twist was witnessed in the political perception of the Nigerian politics on the occasion of the inauguration of the Alliance of Social Democrats ASD, a newly registered political party in Nigeria with a burning revolutionary drive, a clear departure from the usual, the event which took place on Tuesday 11th September, 2018, at Ade Super Hotel, Akure, Ondo State. A hallmark of the event was the presentation made by the Deputy National Chairman of the Party, Otunba Akin Akinbobola, who represented the National Chairman of the party, Dr Emeka Okengwu. He said “it is important that the ordinary Nigerian on the street understand the regular gimmicks of all the prevailing political parties in Nigeria and how the political parties silence the voice and genuine wishes of the masses. Chief among these gimmicks is the deliberate impoverishment of the people so that the masses would not be able to sustain themselves except they go to take political directions from money bag politicians who use money to toss them around, hence will not be able to stay genuine to their conscience. All the political parties were actually not different in ideologies, they only believe in money at the expense of the nation and the common man. ASD is the only political party that has come clearly with marked ideological difference, creating a party for the ordinary Nigerian without succumbing to any money bag politician that will mortgage the genuine desires of the masses.”

Akinbobola said it that it is deliberate of the ASD not to invite the usual “big names” that people already knew in politics, rather the ASD choose to handover the structures of her party to the common and genuine people who will take ownership of the party and run it with passion and sincerity. He said, only the common man can save Nigeria, as most of the big names in politics have become “middlemen who make goods inaccessible” solely because of their selfish interests.  They always run for treatment abroad, educate their children abroad, have houses abroad and retire abroad, but the common man have nowhere to run to, so the ASD today is the party for the common man, the only party where the common man has all authority unrestricted. The gathering, comprising of party leaders from ward and local government levels across the 18 local governments of the state cheered in appreciation, restating their commitment to win more members into the party everyday by evangelizing the ASD ideological alternative as no political party in Nigeria has ever offered the people the opportunity the ASD has come with.

Those who played critical roles the event also include Barr. Adeola Kayode Ondo State Coordinator, Deputy State Coordinator Dr. Sunday Matthew Ibitoye, State General Secretary Mrs. Yemi Omogbehin, State Treasurer Prophet Ayanfe Adeleke, Ademario Emmanuel, the State Youth Mobilizer among others.

In his inaugural speech, the Ondo State Coordinator, Barr. Adeola Kayode mentioned that the ASD is a political party committed to the provision of critical social infrastructures, unequivocally and irreversibly committed to giving Nigerians a leadership and governance structure that would guarantee the security of lives and properties. ASD has come to rewrite all the wrongs in this country, No to further misrule and misappropriation of public funds, now is time to consider New People, New Faces, New Leaders. New Political Party, New Methods, New Agenda, New Policies, New Nation and a New Nigeria. A New Nigeria is possible, together with ASD we can make the change and save Nigeria. Dr. Sunday Ibitoye, the Deputy State Coordinator said the Alliance of social Democrat is not just any other political party. It is a party that derives its powers from grass root to the top level, it is also determined to change the latest mentality of the citizen and the cliché of the past and present government which is ''Di bo, ko se be'' vote buying during elections. The State General Secretary, Mrs Yemi Owei said the ASD will give privilege to all women to encourage them to take up both elective and appointive positions.
The state youth mobilizer, Mr. Ademario Emmanuel enjoined all youth all over Ondo State to come into the party, he remarked that ASD is the most youth friendly and developmental focused political party in Nigeria, and that is why he is committed to the ASD. He called on youths to take advantage of the cheap cost of nomination forms for all the political offices in the ASD, and that there are no hawks in the ASD to milk the youths dry in the political party, just because they want to contest in the platform. The only condition that the ASD demands of every youth coming into the party is their sincerity and commitment to work together to bring meaningful development to Ondo State and Nigeria.

Akinbobola said the party has allowed considerable concession to the youth and women, despite have the cheapest cost for the purchase of party nomination forms in the country. The youth and women will pay 75% of the stipulated cost for the respective offices being aspired for, while people with disability will get nomination forms free of charge. The party is focused and determine to win all seats her members would vie for but contrary to what most political parties do, the ASD would not be desperate, we shall take all lawful procedures and build confidence in our people that honesty can bring victory as it does in many advanced nations of the world. The party already has three presidential aspirants and every day, members are joining the party massively all over the country. The ASD is the party the will take Nigeria out of the present chaos to a desirable nation.

Members holding the party membership register
The Deputy National Chairman showing and talking about what the Membership register look like.

Barr. Adeola Kayode, The State Coordinator addressing the audience

The State Treasurer with the party Legal Adviser
Registration of new members
The Deputy National Chairman addressing the audience
State Coordinator addressing the press officials
Large audience at the inauguration

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