Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Chief Atolusi asserted that he is contesting under the umberlla of Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Chief Atolusi disseminated the information in Independent National Electoral Commission Zonal Office, Akure while addressing journalists and Smart360 Correspondents.

Mr Atolusi had in the past assured the public that the Political Party in which his mandate would be upheld was to be announced anon, in a statement personally signed by his Media and Publicity Secretary.

'After wide and through consultation in search of a credible party which genuinely propagate the interest of the masses with substantial number of selfless leaders who are assiduously working to liberate the nation from its dilapidating condition, we are happy to announce the people's party, SDP.'

'Without any equivocation, the time has come for the true representation of our constituency people and resuscitation of the rule of law. The era of the rich oppressing the poor must cease to exist if democracy would take its right stand, Nigerians are already awake to consciousness and cannot afford to follow the path of ruin peddled by PDP and APC, they have concertedly disappointed Nigerians, SDP is here to save the people'.

'Our mandate is to truly express the mind of Akure people, both young and old in a way to drive home the collective interest for the utmost propagation of the constituency in part, and Ondo State in general. Promotion of grassroot standard through coordinated law formation in order to bridge the wide gap that exists among diverse classes is a necessity'

'This is a call to action for all sons and daughters of the soil, to join the campaign and vision as we jointly see to the fact that public fund is well orchestrated, and as such, use for the intended projects and purposes only'.

Chief Atolusi Damilola is a contestant, Ondo State Member of House of Assembly, Akure South Constituency 2.

Comr. OMOTOSHO, Olaoluwa
Media and Publicity Secretary
For : Damilola Atolusi (Chief Antoz) campaign organization @ #Not too young to run#@ Member House of Assembly Akure south constituency 2
Contact: 08167418302
Twitter: @2Antoz
Facebook: Atolusi Damilola
WhatsApp: 08137044607
Gmail: Atolusidamilola@gmail.com
Website: www.nennetworks.com/chiefantoz

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