Tuesday, May 8, 2018

N-POWER ONDO STATE chapter appreciates Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN. Vice President Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Leadership crisis and political instability had been a major problem for many Third World Countries today. This is owing to many different factors which are unconnected with lack of sincerity and effective policy making that would set the vision of nation building to work. It is also a known fact that after many years of active democratic rule in Nigeria, there has not been a generation of leader as this one we enjoy today.

This is a source of courage that we have gathered up overtime to celebrate this day as we play host to one of our own; the one through whom we can boldly define leadership in Nigerian political system. we have come to say a big THANK YOU.
As a child of tradition that was born, unfettered and properly guided by ethos and values that are driven by a high morality, we have come together to say that you have done us proud as a Yoruba man who was sent to guide our face.

Perhaps, this takes us back to our adage which says: “when a child is good, he should be highly esteemed”. Going further, Yoruba believes that such a child deserves an accolades.

Your Excellency sir, we as younger generation during your reign have come to say you’re a leader and a man whose style of leadership has contributed greatly to our dreams. How best do we appreciate you!
Your Excellency, we shall take this time out to remark that the NPower innovation is a vision well received and it has been a source of smile to many Nigerians. Sleeping dreams have been woken, doors of opportunities have been opened and, most essentially, we are all better for it. To this, we say thank you for being a watchman who follows his words irrespective of where/how the tide flows.
The NSIP innovation has gotten many helpless men of my generation back to their feet and we can expect a crop of young Nigerians stand in competition with international communities in terms of entrepreneurial engagement. This is achievable and we can attest to many, as the number still continues by the day.
However, we appreciate your goodwill and commitment to the transformation of our Nation by a change that drives all and sundry towards collective consciousness for Nation building. We understand the imperative of being a part of this progressive vision and that requires many of us to armor up to keep the Change government in office in order to see this vision to absolute fulfillment. We register our support and hope that you give us the best of leadership which, of course, you are known for.

Your Excellency sir, we want to say that the street is still ‘FULL’. It is full of many struggling Nigerian youths, either educated, half educated or uneducated. They yearn and crave your attention by the day. Many of us wish, as we know that you do, that these Nigerians could access life and grow into fulfilling their individual callings. Doing this would take time.

Your Excellency, yet we want you to start looking in that direction so you could explore the possibility of creating the nation of our dreams; a nation that places at the centre of her development the interest of her citizens, especially the youths. In addition to this, Your Excellency, we NPower beneficiaries have tasted of your goodwill and found ourselves a life full of chances under your leadership.
However, what keeps coming to us has been a questions we have continuously silenced but would lend a voice today:

Shall we all land in Egypt after plying the route to Canaan?
Shall we revert back to strolling on the streets as stranded and unemployed youths again?
We leave answering that question to the valence of your sagacity, Your Excellency.
Without doubts, we count ourselves lucky to witness this day and for that reason, we pass our warm wishes to you. We hope you have the good health and strength to lead us on in the journey to a fully transformed Nigeria.
We hope for a more fulfilling life for you. We also hope that you find favour in the sight of your God.

You have done us proud, so we the Sunshine volunteers appreciate you. THANK YOU, Arole Sai Buhari.

Omoyofunmi segun H (com IBB)
Ondo state N-POWER

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