Friday, April 13, 2018

Celebrating The Sunset Roar Of Our NANS Zone D Coordinator

By Sodiq Lawal

The struggle for emancipation of Nigerian students,  as sweet as it is,  just like sugar,  it has to undergo so many processing stages when it is still in its natural form,  Sugar cane.

As sweet as it is, not many would like to use their plastic teeth to cut it into pieces but while some may like it as to prove how strong and good looking their teeth is, they have no choice but to sit praying for wonders or magic time to happen whenever they find it impossible to felt the sugar cane inside the tea or mix with flowers for baking or for drinking garri and other natural desires to suit their taste.

Am very sure this was the pain felt and shared by the great Coordinator of NANS Zone D,  Comrade Adekitan Lukman,  a man of humble character,  so rich in knowledge and wisdom but above all, caring and passionate in solving humanitarian problems that he couldn't wait to bear the pains much longer nor see his fellow students in pain but to find a lasting solution.

Giving students a mechanism that will not only extract the sweet liquid juice from the sugar cane stick but also capable of changing it state from liquid to solid substances like cube in form o boxes Which is dissolve when needed and sugar in form of grains in it tiniest form that can be used to mix flowers to bake anything in the world.

In the whole of my long parable, I have been left to believe that publication of ones achievement on punch, tribune, vanguard and other dailies, do not make you a genuine leader,  what make you a leader is your total physical participation in emancipation of youths, students and other.

No one in NANS,  no fraction,  nor anyone will come out to say our Coordinator has not be doing well. Just as he is celebrating his day today,  thousands of dignity from government to students association,  are celebrating with him.

I have no doubt in mind, he is a genuine leader.

From Sodiq Lawal, Ile Ife

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