Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Management of Black Pen NG, as the Brand celebrates a year anniversary- Chief Executive Officer, Oni Oludamola

Over the past one year of existence, a lot of people have asked the question of how Black Pen came to be. The name looks weird to some and to some, it’s just funny, but I tell you it was borne out of inspiration. I believe that every great thing that I will write or come up with are simply borne of inspiration. I would try to refrain from making this look like a success story, because in actuality, this is just the starting point.

Firstly, I would like to thank God almighty who had made this day possible and memorable. It actually isn’t about the so called hard work that every member had put in, it’s all about the God that never makes Black Pen run out of ideas.
Don’t let me bore you with this, let’s get down to why you are really here. I don’t know if you might be interested in hearing the story, but I will start by telling you how I got the name, Black Pen.

After I had spent some months with the CEO of Smartbrainnig.com, Olubanjo Morenikeji (Mr. Lee), as a blogger, and he had helped publish my debut serial story (I love you) on his blog, I got quite a bit of fame, and people said I was a writer, I decided to have a pen name like other writers. I had written numerous stuffs on Facebook while following the steps of my mentor in proxy, Victor James Wahab (VJW), but I didn’t know I could write till people said so. Funny, right?

I walked miles in my room, thinking of various names that could really satisfy my desire for uniqueness. Mighty Pen came to mind, but it just didn’t cut it. I was about to write something on a piece of paper, and I brought my pen from my pocket, it was a black pen, and it struck me, BLACK PEN. In case you don’t know, I write with Black Pen because, it’s just cool. So, it was the use of a Black Pen that brought about the name Black Pen, and not the other way, as some people have thought. And that’s how the journey started, evolving into what we have today, and still evolving into the digital world it is meant to be.

Now, to what the name stands for. I started working on the blog since October 2016, opened an account on blogger, chose the domain, blackpenng.blogspot.com because the domain blackpen.com was taken already in the US. The blog’s commissioning was slated for January 1st, 2017, but due to technical glitches, a new date of January 31st, 2017 was fixed, and the blog was later launched that day.

Then the journey started with next to no knowledge about blogging or how to go around designing a blog. Learnt from friend to always ask google any question I have about blogging, and this had helped me in various coding that had brought the blog to the design it currently is.

There is a disclaimer, and it’s that Black Pen is not only about the blog which you are currently on, Black has other activities which keeps expanding as we gather resources to pull them off. The vision is to make Black Pen a one stop digital world for you, our esteemed audience. It all started with the pen, then to the blog, now to what the Brand stands for and later to the vision for the brand.

Black Pen has three major cores, which are: Black Pen Blog (blackpenng.com), BlackPenHype (PR/Advertisement agency) and BlackPen TV. But downlines of these three cores include the Black Pen shop where people get to place their stuffs for sale, while we serve as an interface in relating with potential customers, saving them the stress of having to attend to numerous persons that will show interest in the product. Also, Black Pen Writers, which is as the name implies, is solely interested in writing (Ghost or copywriting) for clients, ranging from short stories to novels, to poems, to articles et blog posts (Anything except erotica novels or some really professional write ups). That’s typically all we do, and details will come on the various segments with time.

One main focus of Black Pen is to provide platforms for all and sundry to express themselves in whatever way they know best, and that’s what the Black Pen giveaway contest that will be introduced soon will be all about. At Black Pen, we just want to entertain you while informing you, hence infotainment.

There are various outlets to the brand, and these include majorly, our social media handles.
Instagram - @blackpenng
Twitter - @blackpenng
Facebook – Black Pen group (Group) and Black pen (Page)
Whatsapp – 07061275703 et 08141746886

At Black Pen that had over the past one year grown beyond the founder, Oni Oludamola Oluwaseunarafunmi, we promise to work hard to deliver our mission and vision statement, and also fulfil the aim of infotainment to the core. We are really humbled that you are a part of this humble beginning.
We meet at the top.

Oni Oludamola
C.E.O, Black Pen NG.

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