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By: Prince Muhammed-J Nuhu (Prince MJN). Whatsapp/call: 08169967501

Let me start by a parable: "The presence of a mighty ocean is not known by the buzzes it produce but the eyed sees it and the uneyed are told".

Since the creation of Kogi state,  the state have sustained some serious leadership injuries and broken bones, those who were entrusted to lead a way to a greater Kogi lacked political and moral know-how and vision, hence,  they were gloomed by their ineptitude and selfishness and were running Kogi as a jungle likening to that of the forest of lions and the antelopes, such that the lion as the king of the jungle feeds on the antelopes and left antelopes in fear and disdained, our past leaders have led us in this manner.

They colonized the people of the state and portray some ethnics/tribes to be sojourners, injustice and inequality took it highest peak, looting of the state treasury was a celebrityship, thuggery enjoyed state sponsorship, contracts were awarded to unqualified contractors and politicians where such contracts were never executed or completed,  insecurity predicated the aftermath of state government fueled crisis especially Kogi central such that people were being killed or kidnapped on daily bases.

Governor Yahaya Bello ascended the leadership throne of the state by January 2016, in his inaugural speech he opinionatedly made it known that his administration will be for justice and fairness, he promised to do things differently, he vowed to reposition the state to better height and envious one. Two years on we can cork his achievements as follow:

1. IGR have been increased from N400 million Naira to more than a billion Naira monthly.

2. Revenue house, the headquarter of revenue offices built in Lokoja and zonal offices refurbished.

3. SDG office built in Lokoja and under the SDG program, many Primary health care centers have been renovated and remodeled, Ambulances were purchased and distributed to General hospitals, hospital equipments were purchased and distributed to hospitals.

4. Street and traffic lights are mounted on the major roads of Lokoja.

5. Government house renovated and given a good facelift.

6. Assembly complex renovated and given a good facelift.

7. Kogi State Rehabilitation and resource center built in Lokoja.

8. Insecurity is undoubtedly defeated.

9. More than 20 tractors purchased for agricultural works.

10. Many Farm apparatus have been purchased and distributed to farmers.

11. Many roads across the state are under construction.

12. All dilapidated roads in Lokoja have been rehabilitated.

13. Many jobless youths have been engaged as state cleaners through geemony global kleaners, gala cleaning service, Al-Nusab cleaning service and Atimpsuda cleaning service and are being paid.

11. In the area of security, state vigilante group are constituted and thousands of jobless youths are engaged through this and they earns their pay.

12. Advanced Diagnosis Center that was abandoned by the previous administration have been completed and to be commissioned during the 2nd year anniversary celebration.

13. Kogi Transport mega terminal have be remodeled and facelifted and more buses are acquired.

14. Kogi Geographic Information System implemented.

15. Construction of Yahaya Bello model school have kick started.

16. Equality in distribution of appointments.

Having listed some of his achievements, it is pertinent to note that there were lots of challenges, while we acknowledge this inevitable challenges we are high in an ale of hope that by next year we shall celebrate more of his tremendous achievements.

Congratulations your excellency and we pray that God shall give you more wisdom to do more of good works.

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