Saturday, September 12, 2020

Atletico Madrid coach contracts COVID-19


Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has tested positive for Covid- 19, the club announced on Saturday .

Simeone , 50, is isolated at home and has not presented symptoms.

Atletico ’ s squad and staff returned early from a pre - season trip to Los Angeles de San Rafael just outside Madrid after a test on Thursday came back positive . Further tests on Friday showed Simeone had caught the virus .

“ The analysis of these new samples in the laboratory has determined that our trainer, Diego Pablo Simeone , has given a positive result for Covid -19, ” read the club statement .

“ Fortunately, our coach does not present any symptoms and is at his home isolated and fulfilling the corresponding quarantine after being with the team since last Monday . ”

Simeone was absent from training on Saturday. Atletico ’ s first La Liga match against Granada is not scheduled to be played until September 27 as the club have been given extra time off before starting the season.

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