Friday, August 14, 2020

I am Propelled By The Call To Serve, Agboola Ajayi

The Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Hon Agboola Ajayi on Friday said the call of the teeming mass of Ondo State stand at the foundation of his aspiration to the office of Governor of Ondo State. 

Speaking in Akure on Friday, Agboola said he joined the Zenith Labour Party to put practical effect to the expectations of the people who obviously are not enamored by the options offered by the two major parties. 

Agboola who said the party primaries of the two major parties characterized by the victory of subterfuge over and above democratic norms made his throwing his hat into the ring on the more credible Zenith Labour Party platform. 

Speaking at a well attended, but COVID 19 compliant event, held at the ZLP State Secreatriat, Agboola said: “It is obvious that the affirmation of incumbent governor as the candidate of the APC coupled with the seeming failure of the PDP to produce a dependable and formidable alternative has dampened the democratic enthusiasm and morale of the people. 

“To stir hope and rechannel the energy of the progressive electorates, I am teaming up with members of the ZLP, my teeming allies from both the PDP and APC and allies from the other parties.”
The Deputy Governor said “he was humbled by calls, advice and demands from critical stakeholders, supporters and most importantly, the generality of the people to consider himself as the arrow head of a new dependable, credible and vibrant alternative alliance for a desirable leadership for the state.”

He said after critically analyzing the terrain, he found the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) as the dependable platform to rescue Ondo State from a lacklustre, nepotistic and clannish leadership. 

“Today, I formally join the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP), to achieve the noble cause of giving Ondo State a new direction and purposeful leadership. I call on all my teeming supporters, friends, followers and the admirers of good governance to show commitment and dedication by mobilizing and campaigning for the Zenith Labour Party in their various wards across the state. 

“The collective wish and yearnings of the good people of Ondo State remain the impetus for the bid to wrestle the governance of the state from political demagogue,” he concluded. 

He was received by the State Chairman of the ZLP, Hon Joseph Akinlaja ably supported by other leaders drawn from across the State.
He told the people that the masses oriented, pro people agenda of the ZLP will be vigorously pursued under the Agboola dispensation. 
He therefore welcomed all those joining with the Deputy Governor.

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