Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Commuters outcry: 'Agbeors' charge Logistics vehicles unlawfully

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The emergence of oRide, Gokada, Uber, Bolt and other logistics company have reduced the strain of transportation issues in Lagos state. Most Lagosians on the mainland, preferably, would go for oRide or Gokada due to the ability of bikes to navigate through traffic jams which are characteristic in Lagos.

However, reports have been pouring out that some associations in Lagos generally known as agberos have been waylaying these riders to pay association dues, not bearing in mind that these companies have also paid taxes to the government thereby incurring losses by paying unnecessary dues.

Lagosians have, thereby, been making pleas to the state government for these associations to be scrapped or at the very least, these companies who are out to make life better for the citizens should be protected
Below is one of many, who was accosted by these association agents and was forced to pay a certain ticket fee.

  1. Lagos is definitely not ready for business. Agberos right now stopping oride, gokada and maxng bikes in Ojuelegba. They want the riders to pay N500 for a N100 ticket My trip has been canceled

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