Tuesday, January 22, 2019


1. Directing: No disrespect to the director but the directing of the movie is too lazy, the story may be a contributing factor anyways. Pete Edochie was just too relaxed in the movie despite the fact that he was about to lose the whole company and the scene where they had to meet the company's auditor is not realistic.

2. Cinematography: Camera angles were lazy too. No spectacular shots throughout the movie. It was just like we were seeing a regular movie and not LionHeart that is on NetFlix. The only shot that looks unique in the whole movie was when Genevieve was jogging and a very long shot was taken. No doubt the camera and picture quality are of high quality.

3. Editing: Just the regular.

4. SPX Costume: None in the whole movie actually but how I wish one was done in the beginning when there was a riot in the garage or show us Pete Edochie coughing blood and being rushed to the hospital. At least, it will make the movie interesting.

5. Audio: 100%

6. Casting: Terrible casting

7. Story: Well, every story has its own message. Let me just leave it that way.

8. Costume: 100%

9. I will rate this movie 4/10.

Gbenga Adene™

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