Monday, July 9, 2018


Ondo state branch of Women for Women meeting  held yesterday at Royal Birds Hotel, Ijapo Estate, Akure. The meeting started at exactly 3:50 PM yesterday and lasted for about One hour and 15 Minutes.

Present were Mrs. Jumoke Ajasin Anifowose, Mrs. Olamide Falana, Mrs. Olufunke Eruwha, Mrs. Alo (INEC GENDER OFFICER), Mrs. Olabisi Omolona, Mrs. Dupe Adelegan and alot of dignitries from different works of life.

Mrs. Jumoke Ajasin Anifowose speaking about what we need to know about Women for Women.

The first meeting that was held entitled everything that concerns women economically and in their family life. This brought about what we say that "what a man can do, a woman can do better" the right of women are supposed to be considered equal to the man.

Sometimes the question many people ask women coming for any post is "Can she do it?" Once a woman comes out and say she can, many of the yorubas should support and endorse the woman for her doggedness and confidence.

The women for women  group was set up by some particular women in Abuja in which Mrs. Jumoke Ajasin Anifowose was opportuned to be part. Many great women who have held positions were on sit.

 They urged women to be submissive to their husbands, so that they can be great and be a good woman in the society.

She said further that women are of great exploit, that the country with best economy in the world is been led by a woman.

Explaining further about sexual assault, she said women should always speak out their minds in case of any sexual harassment and should be sympathetic enough.

In addition, all religions leader that are women should always come out to help the less privileged and stand for the helpless to say "Enough is Enough".

Lastly, women are the mothers of the government, women should be so vibrant and come out to support women and make Nigeria a better home for our mothers. "It is not politics, it is just WOMEN" It is not religion is it just WOMEN, It is not North/South nor East or West, it is just WOMEN . If women can come together to say NO to all shoes pinches I think women will b liberated.

When women are in a position the difference is always clear and majority of the society will benefit from the government project.

 They will be loved, kind, sociable and with good lifestyles among the citizens, She said.

Attached to this are some pictures taken by Smart360Media correspondent from the meeting;

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