Thursday, June 14, 2018

NYCN Berates Fayose's Administration, Says Continuity Agenda is for Self Aggrandisement

The Leadership of the National Youth Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) Ekiti State Chapter has berate Gov. Fayose's administration, saying the continuity agenda is for the selfish purpose of Gov. Fayose.

Speaking to news reporter in Ado Ekiti during a brief interview on the State of Ekiti State, the Vice Chairman of the organization Com. Joseph Onachie said the youth purpulace has not benefit anything from the present administration.

'If you take critical look at the State of the state, you will found out that Gov. Fayose has built his administration around himself alone.

Hardly can you see any form of input from the youth sector or the masses, no ministry or commissioner can sign a project of #100,000 without the consent of the Governor, all projects done by this administration are executed by his family members or close associate, as such no grassroots politician can boast of any benefit from his administration.

He has colonised the whole system, nothing is working, the youth empowerment project is a scam, the bursary payment is a scam, and to cover up his bad and corrupt practices, he brought his stooge, who does not understands or had any inputs in his administration as the Deputy Governor to takeover from him.

As a body we are resolute, we are ready to take the bull by the horn, we shall look critically into the manifestos of other aspirants and support the one with the most consideration for youth participation.

Ekiti masses suffered from Fayose's greediness, that is the reason for the mass defection of PDP stalwarts to other parties, even the least crowded parties are receiving decampees from the PDP.

Presently the political spectrum is in order, parties are playing by the rules, and we implore them to continue in that peaceful manner for us to have a better Ekiti that we all clamour and wish to have.

Finally we implore our youths across the state to visit all INEC offices in their local government headquarters to collect their PVC, as it is the only weapon to fight this tyrant.

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