Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Southwest Executives of the Congress of Young Intellectuals CYI meet with Mimiko, charged to be resolute on the critical vision to rescue Nigeria

The executive members of the Congress of Young Intellectuals CYI,  throughout the respective South Western States visited the immediate past governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Mimiko  to discuss issues bothering on the present state of Nigeria viz Indiscriminate killing of innocent Nigerians, unrestricted grazing all over the country and destruction of Agricultural investments, dwindling economic fortunes, unemployment and the lingering issue of restructuring.

The Congress of Young Intellectuals is mobilization and awareness group of young people all over the country, affiliated also to the National Liberation Coalition, both  bothered about the current state of affairs in Nigeria and feeling the burden to change the story of Nigeria for the better, hence have continued to mobilize and educate young people throughout Nigeria along a clear ideological paradigm of genuine commitment to greater good for the greater number of people and that social wealth for the general people makes the society habitable against how most politicians amass the people’s money to personal ends.

The south west group lead by the South West Secretary, Mr Eni Eniafe doubling also as the Ekiti State coordinator, leading other state  coordinators from respective states, members from Ondo State lead by Mr Fapetu Oluwadamilola, Ogun State team lead by Mr Adeyinka Adeyemi, Oyo state lead by Chief Funsho, Mr Akintade  lead the Lagos State team, others at the meeting include Foluke Daramola and Yemi Sholade both nollywood artists.
The CYI told Mimiko that they had chose to visit him having demonstrated with empirical records what a purposeful and Ideological leadership can look like, a fashion of leadership which is very rare in Nigerian politics today. His Abiye safe motherhood program which make Maternal care available to all strata of the citizens in the state he governed, unprecedented Urban renewal program, Mega schools of International Standards etc, saying that young and aspiring leaders in Nigeria have a lot to learn from him.

Mimiko who in his remarks appreciated the passion for a genuine course in these young Nigerians acknowledged that this passion is what is required to create the energy to change the course of things for good in Nigeria, the young people must deliberately take ownership of dire task to redirect this country, they must have a sacrificial mindset, they cannot afford a backseat to work only when it is convenient. They should write out a clear vision of how they want to solve problems, carry the vision “tangibly” in their minds, let it become a passion and generate that unfathomable energy that causes change against all odds. He also pointed out to them that you don’t stumble into leadership, you prepare for it, and when the opportunity comes, you take it as a Divine calling.  Leadership is not a hundred metres dash but a marathon, your vision must first be clear, you can not be looking for which party is likely to win, rather be definite on what to do in government to cause your earlier defined change.

Mimiko said further that governance requires training, Macron did not start as a president, he was once a finance minister hence the need for young people to get involved in leadership early. He emphasized also the need for young people to get back to reading books to get the depth of knowledge, you can’t rely on instant summaries online. You can not do away with knowledge if you envision to bring back the pride of the black man. Knowledge is what rules the world, in any age it is always knowledge that has ruled the world, new knowledge, quintessential knowledge sufficient to make a difference. Inadequacy of which make people today readily pay to go to be slaves abroad unlike when blacks struggled not to be taken as slaves, you owe your history and generation this responsibility, it must be taken as a serious job.
He took the opportunity to appreciate Akin Akinbobola the Southwest convener of the CYI, whom he described as multi talented sports man initially but displayed capacity as a passionate organizer of men, mentioning Akinbobola’s contributions to as the pioneer chairman of Ondo State Football Agency who for the very first time in the history of Ondo State took the state football team to continental level, twice in a row, also got the female team to win Challenge cup for the first time in the history of Ondo State. Akinbobola later served as the special adviser on political and mobilization

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