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Freedom of Association encompass both an Individual's right to join or leave groups voluntarily, the right of the group to take Collective Action to pursue the interests of its members, and the right of an Association to accept or decline membership based on certain criteria without the influence of the Present Government.

Under the Review Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999
Chapter IV
Fundamental Rights  Section 40
Which states that "Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other Association for the  Protection of his Interests:
Provided that the Provisions of this section shall not Derogate from the Powers conferred by this Constitution on the Independent National Electoral Commission with respect to Political Parties to which that Commission does not accord recognition".

Seeing things from the different angle, Inline with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. National Association of Nigerian Students NANS which is the Largest Students Body Movement in Nigeria and Sub Saharan which comprises of 43.1 million Students across the Country is bigger than anybody else in the Country.

We cannot shy from the typical fact that, right from time the decision of our dear organization is been decided by some Cabals who strongly believe only in the Block Vote coming from the Students Community whenever Election is fast Approaching. Our Constrain  and Lackadaisical is what this so called Cabals works on to achieved their interest and believe that with their Monetary Dispensation they always have there ways to channel their own interest to the Utmost and Apex Cadres of the Organization.

Department of Security Service DSS which is well known as one of the most Intelligent Agency across the Country through their Commitment, Hardworking and Modalities in which they Discharged their daily Activities mostly in Security Apparatus, is something to write about which cannot be underestimated, and through their Activities, the Federal Government always want the best and all ways to protect their own interest  through DSS, have been seen as the major Agency which  interfere to the  affairs of NANS. They always give their best in making sure there is always peace around the Students Community, by this effort l will like to appreciate the Directorate of the Agency for the well good job in which they discharged their duty but, on the contrary we cannot continue to keep mute, course "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality" when it comes to the decision of Electing the newly Leadership of the Organization to the Corridor of Power, this is where we always have head logged between each other and we are expressing our mind of dismay over this act.

NANS Senators i.e (SUG PRESIDENTS of accredited Institutions across Nigeria) who are the legitimate Voters during the Convention  must be giving a free and Independent access in deciding of who and whom to choose to Pilot the Affairs of the Organization without any External Force.

NANS which is been known as a Pressure Group, whose Primary Aim and Mission is to protect every Students of various Institutions across the Country and their Welfarism, now been seen as a Stooge in the hands of the Mighty Ones, Never can we continue to be pocket and also using this medium to clamoured for not to be seen as a Department under the Intelligent Agency called DSS.

Finally, l want to use this medium to appreciate the DSS Agency for a well intimate Relationship and Unequivocal Concern under the Leadership of the Director-General of DSS in Nigeria in Person of Mr. Lawal Daura and his Entire Team, who have played the fatherly role to the Entire Students across the Country and we hope that anytime we call on your Service you will surely be there for us and we too will make sure that Abstinence from various social vices that might land us to face the wrath of the Land will be definitely shun off.

Thanks and God bless you all...



Yours in Struggle
Comr. Ogundeyi Adeoluwa Peter
National Director Media and Publicity (NANS)

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