Monday, April 2, 2018

PHOTO/VIDEO NEWS: ILAJE ADVANCEMENT FORUM RALLY: Flickers of light from a deep dark hole

By: Mr. Citizen Oluwajuwon

I have since resolved to stop analysing problems with Nigeria. It is a complete waste of time and at best a mere academic exercise. 

Proffering solutions and workable alternative is also something I got weary of. I realised it is an exercise in futility.

The above conclusion was reached the day I realised the way forward for Nigeria is mass action. For me, It is either we move forward or we move forward. No choice! Any conversation short of taking concrete action means we are still acting out the script of those bent on sitting on our progress. 

If you espouse all your intelligence from behind your mobile phone screen or even a radio house and don't make conscious effort to storm out of your closet, mingle with like minds and make moves, you are simply playing yourself.

Am not saying you and I should move to Abuja and constitute  intellectual nuisance to "constituted authorities"........ No! Abuja is too far. Let us go the way of my comrades in Ilaje Local Govt., Ondo state. 

Let the movement start from the street, local council and local govt. Ilaje local government is undoubtedly a microcosm of Nigeria and mirrors the malaise staring at us in the face. 

Ilaje sits on a large deposits of crude oil and invaluable quantity of bitumen. She is surrounded by the Atlantic and have a good number of professionals, business moguls, professors, radical comrades, hard working men and women. Ilaje have been without electricity  for 12 years and still counting.  Portable water is a luxury. More than half of the people residing in  ilaje LGA bath, wash, defecate, fish and drink from the same water body surrounding them. 
Education in ilaje is a mockery of education. 

However, I saw a flicker of light from the deep black hole in Ilaje LGA on the 31st of March 2018. There was a movement! 

The timelines of Comrades Fadeshola Ojamomi Crown and Allen Omosuyi Smith were simultaneously beaming live feeds of youths conscientiously sensitising men and women on the streets, in shops and markets. Speaking to them in the language they understand. The message was resounding and the agenda is unequivocal. 

"If government doesn't restore electricity, do not vote". Yes! I align my self with the message and would support the struggle by any means possible. 

Make no mistakes, for the period under review, ilaje have had representatives at various level of govt. 
Billions of naira (in intervention funds) have also been disbursed through several individuals and agencies (NDDC & OSOPADEC). But somehow this monetary votes have not in anyway improve the wellbeing of the people. 

Ilaje advancement Forum has taken to the streets to ask relevant questions whilst conscientizing the people. Real change will only come when the electorate recognizes his/her power and deploy same in setting agenda for elected officials. 

According to one of the Spokespersons of the Group, Barr Ojamomi Fadeshola, after discussing with Market women, Artisans and the ordinary people on the street, members of "IAF" visited the OSOPADEC office in IGBOKODA and were shocked at the sight of the dilapidated nature of the Complex built with over 200 million less than 5 years ago.

When asked about the general reason behind the awareness Trek/Rally he posited that the Campaign centers on  mismanagement of Public funds by Political Leaders, Evil and Corrupt Practices, Dilapidated structures, non availability of good road, drinkable water, Health care system and 12years blackout in the entire Ilaje Local Government among other problems"

He also mentioned that the movement have to be replicated in all affected local government council so as to ensure that the world will understand the nature of problems faced by the people of Ilaje and those in the Southern part of Ondo State.

Pictures/ videos were taking from the Successful Awareness Trek/rally for the viewing pleasure of the entire populace.

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