Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Plea from NANS JCC Ondo axis On Political Martinet

Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, this is not supposed to be coming as a plea because I shouldn't be dashed the right to quality education but then, it has to be, since the Yoruba aphorism says that "Ebe la n bosika" - loose
translation- what you do to the wicked is plead with them.

Mr governor, perhaps you didn't know, your indulgence need(s) be craved here that any day on planet earth the Yoruba spirit of nightmares settles for shower at the riverside, its opprobrium is due- Digest it! However, it's swiftly expedient here, to give a
single express comment about your government. Your inaugural speech lends credence to the fact
that Arakunrin Akeredolu led government is characterized of sheer ineptitude and 'consummate' nescience, so to

Your cluelessness started to manifest the day you noted that the ex-governor, Olusegun Mimiko whom the masses condemned, had done most of what the state would need you to do. That's
why we are not taken by much
bolt from the blue about the mischievous cardinals that have defined your government today-hunger, calamities, tort, youthful quietus, maternal mortality, infidelity,greed, avarice , mammonism, selfishness; all of
which have culminated to an irreparable debacle.

Your self-centered and undiplomatic why's and wherefores behind the
skyrocketed augmentation of school fees in the
state's institutions, on
the one hand can be described as laughable at best, and on the other hand, has succeeded in making us understand that the
practice of democracy in the
state has reached the terminus as quem and that what we practice at best in Ondo state is 'plutocracy' in that your government is the government of
the WEALTHY, by the WEALTHY, and for the WEALTHY.

Arakunrin Akeredolu, what should be your utmost and primary prerogative as a fair minded governor is the welfare of the state's denizens but
reverse is the case. Mr. Governor, following the earlier foregoing, the
NANS JCC Ondo State 'plead' to your conscience to lift the indefinite close down of Rufus Giwa Polytecnic with Immediate effect as this close down is sabotaging the future of Nigeria students. Mr governor the time is coming that guardians, parents and students will resist this evil hike in school fees and the time is
now. The fight to rescue Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA) from king pharoah is a
battle of no retreat no surrender. And in this fight, the only thing
we have to loose is the chain of oppression, to rescue Ondo State
students from becoming dropouts and illiterates because of the
implemented proposed hike by king pharaoh.

The time is here now that students, parents
and indigenes will have to leave
their residents and rescue AAUA. We have never had it so bad, so
terrible in the history of public universities that hike in school fee will be over 500%. The education inherited has been sold by Aketi more than the capacity of the state's denizens. God forbid!
We shall not allow this Pharaoh to sell education because it's  our heritage.

We will make sure that we
break the wings of this prodigal son for him  not to take us back to the land of Egypt but We(NANS) declare to students of AAUA in the name of the Father, Lord and
Holy Ghost! !!No students should pay the school fees. We want to say it is shameful that after Aketi
budgeted to spend 4billion Naira on building new government house and cannot spend a billion to the education of those diamond gems that will make Ondo a place of pride.

We call on the Obas in Ondo State to ring the bell of sincerity and pity; we call on the house of assembly members to ring
the bell of sincerity and
pity; we call on the Senators from Ondo state to ring the bell of sincerity and pity; we call on the house of Reps members from Ondo State to ring the bell of sincerity and pity. We have volumes of news of the
implemented proposed satanic hike in AAUA fee. It is most irresponsible, Mr governor.

I end this way-Mr governor:  why we will not support this hike in school fees is that you benefitted from the western education of Pa. Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo; If not, you might have become a limelight thug today or a beggar
the road side shouting okene, Iwo, Gbagbi,  Ikorodu.

Mr. Governor a word is enough for the wise! Sincerity and pity are
needed for the masses who cannot afford 3 square meal and still try to send their children to school in order not to train miscreants, illeterates and
thugs in the society. Mr governor, if we speak the truth we die; If not we die. So it is better we speak the truth and die peacefully. Mr governor, you have committed a deadly compound mistake by eventually implementing the proposed hike.

In an unjust society, silence is a crime. The battle to bring AAUA back on track is a battle of no retreat no surrender, and we (NANS) are ready to face the battle.



Adewunmi Adebowale

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Comrade Dr. Awolowo

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