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By: Prince Muhammad J.  Nuhu (Prince MJN)

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Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I want to implore you to read this article with open mind irrespective of which side of the divvy your tent is pitched.

Let me diminutively take us back to the event that brought in governor Yahaya Bello to power as the executive governor of Kogi state. Before 2015 election in Kogi State, the State was greeted  with lots of agitations from the quarters of the oppressed, The Okuns and the Ebiras in Yore days of Kwara were strong allies, the Ebiras are known to be liberal and intelligent, the Okuns and the Ebiras were the key players in the course for creation of Kogi state, the Igalas were in Benue languishing and struggling to survive the storm of oppression by the Tiv people of Benue; After the creation of Kogi state, Igala son in person of late Prince Abubakar Audu was unanimously anointed to lead in order to quell their  cry. Unfortunately, having tasted the sweetness of power, they decided never to let go of power, they even in delusion concluded that the seat of the governor belong to the Kogi east alone and every other tribe in Kogi is a sojourner in the state, these people never hide their hatred for the Ebiras, they fueled political crisis in the central and ghosted the civil service and the state fund was mismanaged.

When 2015 election was approaching, some youths from Kogi central initiated powershift agitation which myself was a compatriot of that agitation, Late Prince Abubakar Audu openly called the Ebiras names and as well addressed Senator Ohiare as an expired politician and address Yahaya Bello as someone who thinks the governorship seat belong to the youth service corp, as the say goes, "God is not a man", the two Igala sons Prince Abubakar Audu and Idris Wada was carrying the two major tickets and God have said non of the two Igala sons that was holding the major tickets will seat again on that seat, governor Yahaya Bello having came second in the primary election went home with his belief that he will one day lead as a governor of the state.

On the day of election,  Prince Abubakar Audu was very ill and he managed to go to polling unit and voted for himself, ironically that vote was for the young man he believed was never going to be a governor of the state as well as for those Ebiras he has insulted as a tribe that will not  lead the state as long as the Igalas exist in the state; on that evening the election was pronounced inconclusive and Audu's death was announced there after, the event exposed one of the Lacuna in the Nigerian constitution but by the interpretation of the law the votes belong to the party and that was what brought Yahaya Bello to the rim because by the law any electoral candidate must be a product of a primary election and James Faleke who was the running mate of Prince Abubakar Audu was never an aspirant who contested through primary election and Yahaya Bello was the one who took second in the primary election.

Dino joined the moving train of Yahaya Bello and in his speech on the day of inauguration, Dino melaye said people voted for Prince Abubakar Audu but God voted for Yahaya Bello,  he further reiterated that Who ever is fighting Yahaya Bello is fighting God, and he also said the elephant that have been killed is enough to be shared; this  predicated his present howling at the governor like a baby wolf, while Dino melaye was in the moving train of His Excellency Yahaya Bello, as a baby wolf whose thought was to feed from the elephant killed by the lion, governor Yahaya Bello as a lion roar as a signal for the wolves and jackals around that the elephant is not meant to be shared among the few but for the entire Kogites,  Dino Melaye as a baby wolf jumped off the train out of fear and have landed his head on the rail line,  it is no wonder he howls at everything even shadows.

We can all recall that Dino Melaye in year 2014 at a procession of Bring Back Our Girls turned the event to a campaign where he shouted APC, that is to show the extent of his distorted brain.

Last year,  Dino melaye accused Chief of staff to the Kogi state governor, Chief Edward Onoja of attempting to murder him and the Federal government have sued him to court, the same Dino Melaye is alleging that governor Yahaya Bello is responsible for the importation of military items seized by the customs and he said the governor intend to set Kogi on fire, this can only be an assertion of a brain derailed, it is not worthy dwelling much on because governor Yahaya Bello is too intelligent to be dragged into the mud,  he is well brewed and belong to a class of dignity.

Lastly,  it is to our dismay as to how this present senators have deviated from their real legislative duty and have turned themselves to a colony of sheep moving in one direction without any self imitation and self valor, they have made it a duty to be rebelling against their state governors, in their misery and self service they have refused to pass all the vital bills that can effect the economy of this nation positively as well as aiding the fight against corruption, they have refused to pass 2018 budget because President Muhammadu Buhari is not sharing money to them; though, one will not be surprised at the current house of the Senate full of corrupt ex governors and headed by a corrupt  man who is answering a case of false declaration of asset at the CCT.

This present senators thinks they are protecting themselves but have in the last few years displayed a huge incompetence and present themselves as corruption advocates, they moved from fighting for removal of Magu, the Chairman of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to Compelling the custom boss to wear uniform and other pettiness, they acts like glorified rogues. In their recent ridiculousness, Senator Ike Ekweramadu said Yahaya Bello is a threat to democracy and the same man called for a military interregnum, Is this not evidential that these legislators lack moral justification to represent any sane society?

The election is near and I put it to the Senate of sheep that we Nigerians will liberate our highly respected senate from them comes 2019 and also to warn them that Nigerians are now aware of who their real enemies are and will soon physically confront them.

Thanks and God bless.

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