Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Symbolism of the "Man's Trekking" in 2015

It's a general belief that,political criticism has been a major pre-occupation of the emerging critics in Nigeria. Despite the fact that some writers have tried to speak against the dehumanization in human society as well as using the paracetamol of independence to cure the malady of colonialism, some Nigerians are still dancing to the rhythm of what they don't understand.For instance, the man who journeyed on foot from Lagos to Abuja constitutes, if not the whole, some parts of the future of this country.

Suleiman Hashimu,having made a personal promise in 2013 that should Buhari contest and win the election, he would trek from Lagos to Abuja, fulfilled his promise on 20th of April, 2015.This therefore overtly or covertly, portrays somethings in relation to the future of Nigeria.

It's a general perspective  that,trekking at a long distance is a symbol of poverty and wretchedness in this country. Could we therefore say that,the "Man's Trekking" is a sign or symbol of the poverty and economic instability that will befall Nigeria for years?

If yes, that is perfect, because since 2015 to 31st of December,2017, Nigerians have been sunk into "Abject Poverty" and also experienced economic instability which led to the death of some Nigerians.What then should we say of Buhari's administration as regards poor payment of salaries across the regions, bad roads causing contingencies, the negative efficacy of Fulani Herdsmen specifically in the South-Western part of Nigeria,poor standard of living e.t.c?.

Suleiman Hashimu should have asked himself this question;" why should i trek, hat a man emerged as the President of this country? What nonsense!, I should wait pending the time "change" will change things for better and then I can dance and sing the way of life a prince from Lagos to Abuja".

Though he did later feel remorseful for what he has done, having also witnessed the ill-happenings in Nigeria yet he should have reasoned beyond his nose and probably, that could have indirectly avert the ill-happenings in the country.

We can however say that, Nigerians are dancing to the rhythm of what they don't understand as exemplified in the action of Suleiman Hashimu and other like those dancing "one corner" on transformer.

This reminds me of J.P Clark's Casualties which reflects that, the casualties are not the deceased alone, but also those who dance to the rhythm of what they don't understand.

We can hence say that, the "Man's Trekking" symbolises poverty, economic instability, dehumanization as well as Nigerians' igorance or blindness as regards the conception of societal perception.

I thus, beseech my countrymen to stop dancing to the rhythm of what they don't understand and also avert their commitment from any political party that is not ready to "Change" the situation of this country positively.

Written By: Nezykoal (Iconic Soothsayer)

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