Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Security: Perform or quit, Amaechi tells Wike

The Minister of Transportation , Rotimi Amaechi , on Tuesday called on the Rivers State Governor , Nyesom Wike, to rise up to his responsibility and secure the state or resign .

Amaechi , who is also a former governor of the state , said this in an interview with State House correspondents after a meeting he had with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa , Abuja .

He was reacting to the killing of 21 residents of the state on their way back from New Year ’ s crossover service.
“ It never happened when I was governor.

We ( the security chiefs and myself ) ensured that we didnt sleep at night . We stayed awake for the citizens to sleep. I think the governor needs to do much more than that or quit the office, ” he said .

The minister said the governor needed to be more serious and stop encouraging the militant groups in the name of politics and election .

He said while the issue of the 21 residents was in the public domain, two other persons were killed in Akutoru .

He alleged that similar scenario played out in other local government areas in the state .

Amaechi added , “ I think there should be much more than age to qualify to be a governor because it takes much more than age .

“ I was governor of Rivers State , I did not play PDP/APC politics . Life is life , it has no symbol . Nobody has APC life or PDP life .

“ The first responsibility of a governor which is what the oath of office requires , is that you swear to protect lives and property.

“ When you don’ t protect life and property , what do you do ? It is impeachment . Unfortunately , there is no House of Assembly in Rivers State.

“ There is too much noise coming from Rivers State. The governor just wakes up and starts shouting, abusing people . That is all he does. Mr. Project painting roads .
“ The first thing you do is human capacity development and keeping human beings and we are losing lives every day. ”

The minister said Wike had no reason not to secure the state because he has everything working for him .

“ I just don’ t know because the things are there for him to work with. He is not like me when during my second term , President Goodluck Jonathan took away Police , SSS . The Army brigade commander couldn ’ t visit me .

“ But in his case , everyone is disposed to him . He can see the Commissioner of Police , director SSS , unlike my period but we fought insecurity .

“ But because he needs these people for election purpose that is why they are still there , that is why they are killing, we need much more than that .

“ Unfortunately , I swore not to be talking about Rivers anymore but you don’ t keep quiet in the face of 21 lives , you can ’ t just keep quiet .

“ I have said it that nobody should criticise his successor . But a successor that watches the lives of people go like that and does not care ? God will bless him , ” he said .

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