Thursday, January 4, 2018

Palestine In Our Hearts

Do you have a thought?
The harder you fall,
The better you learn the lesson

It seems our creator is testing us
We have the weapon in our hands,
But we’d rather ignore that weapon.

They aimed to destroy us from May 15, 1958
They are gradually eliminating
Years of terror
They became the lord of the land

Silence is deafening and violence is blinding the youth
Looking for change, I feel the tide rising,
The fall from a nation of intellects to colonised slave minds was a steady decline.

Observing a sinking ship without any remorse
We got our head in the sand and the leaders turning the cheek
Take a glance at Saudi, your heart will bleed
How could an holy land welcomed hip hop singers?

It seems the future looks bleak
Unless we wake up and take charge of the situation.
The oppressed in Kashmir and Palestine are running out of patience
Your oppressors detain your children
Their only crime is fighting for their
Many issues are neck deep.

We must reclaim the mosque from them
They have seized it
We've lost the glory
It is high time we act.

From Sodiq Lawal, Ile Ife

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