Monday, January 1, 2018

Last Day Of 2017 In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

From the way the ancient city is called, one could almost get the taste of what living in it would be like. The city sounds sweet in the mouths of the elders and the young ones. It is with a certain, deliberate thoughtfulness that could not be found in the way other cities and towns  are pronounced especially with its cultural heritage.

Ile Ife  is an ancient city of  Yoruba, on the outskirts of Modakeke, close to the service road which linked traveling vehicles to the mainly road leading to Iwo, and subsequently several towns in Osun State. In this town, culture and tradition are well respected by everyone.

On the last day of 2017 in the ancient city,  every where was full of residents, indigenes and visitors who had come all away from far places to celebrate new year. Life goes on with serenity, and other than the frequent gentle.

Home of the Yoruba was  crowded with markets that overflow into surrounding streets, people of different tribes and social status stormed the ancient city.

It indicated that various socio- economic and traditional activities were at their peak to usher in a hitch free new year.

Decorations adorn the length and breadth of  several homes and the streets of the ancient city with Christians worshipers, Muslims and traditionalists offering prayers for a successful and hitch-free new year festival.

Several tourists thronged the ancient town to witness the new year festival, as they were seen taking pictures at Ooni’s palace and every shrine in the city.

Security personnel, comprising of officers and men of the Police, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, the Federal Road Safety Commission were also at every junction of the source to ensure and provide additional and back up security to security officers on ground.

Traders and residents of Ile Ife took advantage of the new year festival that will come up the second day, to display their wares while food vendors, souvenir sellers, photographers among others, made brisk business.

Youths in their hundreds organised several carnivals. Carnivals that were held at Iremo, Ogbingbin, Orita- Fogo and others were not at peace as lots of conflicts and crisis broke up. Millions of properties were destroyed at Ogbingbin and Iremo road, several bottles were broken, and many were injured. It was a dreadful moment for residents of the areas as the policemen struggled to make their presence amid multiple gunshots by the cultists.

However, at the night of the last of 2017, many residents and visitors stormed churches and mosques to usher gratitude to their creator for keeping them alive to see the end of 2017.

The darkness of night descended on Ile Ife. Shops, cars, and motorcycles could be heard plying the roads. People were eating, children were playing around various environment. When it was exactly 12am, lots of knock out( banger) were light out to celebrate the new year festival.

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