Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Have You All Heard About President Buhari’s Appointment Of Dead People Into The Government Agencies? (What’s Your Take On It)

                              President Buhari

Have you heard about President Buhari’s appointment of dead people into the government agencies? If No Get Updated HERE

What do we call this, Endtime government or Endtime Appointment?

On Friday, 29th December 2017, President Buhari through the office of the Secretary-General Of the Federation announced the appointment of 209 board chairpersons and 1,258 board members of all government agencies and Parastatals.

A quick check into the names on the list of the appointees showed that about 8 names of people who died after President Buhari got sworn in were on the list.

Up till this day, neither the office of the SGF nor the Presidency has come out to justify the inclusion of the dead in government appointment when there are many living intelligent Nigerians that are fit for the same position.

Late Ex-senator, Francis Okpozo who died of an undisclosed ailment in 2016 was appointed as Chairman of the Nigerian Press Council.

Also, Donald Ugbaja, late deputy inspector general of police was also appointed as a board member of Consumer Protection Council.

Another lucky dead person who also got appointed is Christopher Utov, who died on March 18, 2017. He was appointed board member of the Nigerian Institute of Social And Economic Research.

Other death toll appointment includes Garba Attahiru, Umar Dange, Magdalene Kumu, Dr Nabbs Imegwu and Comrade Ahmed Bunza. More names may still emerge though.

In as much as we still expect the Presidency to finish compiling their “Lais” before coming out to tell us how they mistakenly gave post-mortem appointment to dead politicians, the question still remains, is this kind of mistake acceptable?

Would you say that this is the biggest show of incompetent governance ever seen in Nigeria? or Maybe this answers the question of Why Nigeria’s economy has been in deep shit since 2015 to date?

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