Tuesday, December 5, 2017

OAU Lecturer Urges Parents To Invest In Children’s Education

By Sodiq Lawal

A lecturer of Obafemi Awolowo University from department of Bio-chemistry, Dr Nafiu Alaba has  urged parents to invest more in children’s education as the strongest influence on a child’s future is the value parents place on education.

Speaking at the meeting of  Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) held at Knowledge Private School in Ile Ife, on Tuesday, Alaba said education is the only tool which can play a great role in uplifting the society.

"I humbly urge parents to invest in educating their children because education is the only inheritance we can give our children because land is greatly depreciating," he said.

He emphasized that children’s education is a significant aspect of national development that must not be pushed aside and encouraged all stakeholders, including teachers, parents and other corporate bodies to  play their parts in supporting the education of Nigerian children.

He further urged parents to ensure that their children are taking advantage of the available resources that are out there to assist in their educational success.

He added: “As parents, we need to be motivated and excited about the education of our children if they are ever going to be inspired to want to learn. As parents, we need to cultivate a home that is conducive to learning and development. We need a child-friendly home, because while formal education for the most part takes place in a classroom setting, education starts in the homes of our children.”

He emphasised parents as the first teachers saying: " as parents and teachers, we need to work and collaborate to ensure that our children, the future leaders of tomorrow, and are given the right opportunity to develop and grow and become productive citizens.”

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