Friday, November 17, 2017


By Divinefavour Lawal

I'm so much accustomed to the sound of my magic pen, no matter how crowded the place i am may be.  I  can also easily recognise its voice  and itself knows the smell of its owner. As usual, Our case was not different from that of Jesus in John 10:14 "I am the good shepherd; I  know my sheep's and my sheep's knows me".

My magic pen had started  whistling, hissing, yelling and whispering in my ear but I refused to wake up, so instantly,  it got angry and flew me rapidly to the top of  a very high cliff.

While on the cliff, I sighted the presence of a man in the midst of a huge crowd, he was fair skinned like an over ripe pawpaw, his belly swivelling in a clockwise direction, while his pink lips was like that of a new born baby. His hair was so beautiful like that of a Carmel and not different from that of an american citizen though he was born and brought up in Nigeria. His name, Ifedayo Olarinde but popularly known as  Daddy freeze.  Words were rushing out of his mouth like one struggling to chew a very hot Porridge. I listened carefully to garner all his words but after listening to him, I was not different from a man who put on a beautiful white robe to attend a party but before getting to his destination, his white robe had turned black. So was my case listening to Daddy freeze. According to him "  tithe was meant to be eaten with families in the house of God, and it is biblical to use tithe and to buy beer and drink in the house of God. No Nigerian Prophet, Pastor or General Overseer is qualified to receive tithes from their members."

I tried to comprehend his stand on this controversial issue but the more i tried to, the more confused I am. The same man who divorced his wife not too long ago is the same man planting seeds of disunity among Christ fold. He had not only attacked my God but had also attacked my spiritual father's( Pastor E A Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo ).Instantly I went on my knees praying for him, asking God to open his eyes, head and heart for him to have understanding. It was not long I started praying, God sent me a beautiful figure,  the shining light that radiates all over his body dispels the darkness around me. He was created, and designed physically with biblical verses from head to toe. Mere looking at him, you wouldn't see any other thing except the powerful word of God dancing all over his body. In awe of this wonderful features, I moved closer, and sat down to hear him speaks,  his words were like soap and water, instantly it dissolves and erases all the controversies of tithe ravaging my heart.  No doubt, indeed he has been gifted with the spiritual understanding and Divine revelation of the WORD. I thought i was the only one suffering from this great predicament, not until when I saw innocent believers flocking in from every corners of the world to hear him. His name is Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa, The President of Benson Idahosa University.

His words goes thus: “Tithing is a matter of love between me and God. There is a very long discourse on tithing which we cannot really deal with unless to discuss from the scripture one by one. Tithing is something that people are asking questions about and they need to understand fully how it works.

“Tithing should not be an issue where someone is forced to tithe because the truth is, if you don’t tithe today, the church would not die. We have as part of our Core Values in the church that we tithe to show our commitments to God and show His commitments to us, to supply our needs.
“For me, I tithe because I love God and I do it because I trust Him to supply my needs. I give Him a part of my income which could be 10, 20 or 30%. There are pastors who give 40% of their income as tithe, not to other pastors but they inject it back into the church.
“My father was giving 90% of his income to the ministry. He wasn’t giving it to one person. And he lived on 10% which was enough to take care of our home needs.
“There is a certain blessing that God has promised for those who pay tithe, so that’s the promise I am tapping on when I pay my tithe. If you don’t pay tithe as a Christian, I don’t think you will die. No! It is a matter of the heart. So we encourage people to tithe because there are certain blessings that come with it...., " culled from the nation news.


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