Wednesday, October 18, 2017


From Divinefavour Lawal



Back home yesterday, I was so much tired and exhausted. My energy level had decreased enormously. My sweet wife who travelled to Australia four days ago kept calling and calling me but there was not a strength in me to answer the call. Eventually I slept off like a baby. Halfway through the night, I was feeling much cold which was very strange, so I  removed my bed sheet, joined it with my cover cloth and slept off almost immediately.

But deep down in my sleep, I was hearing a strange sound, not just a strange sound, i mean a very funny scary sound, one of its kind i have never heard before. It was coming from afar, so I stood up to close the windows of my room. Standing up, I found myself in wonderland. What my eyes saw were beyond physical imagination and difficult for me to comprehend so I slept off almost immediately.

But again, Deep down in my sleep, I heard the sound of a trumpet. It triggered my ears, and burst into my brain. I sat up, trying to figure out what was happening?, I thought I was dreaming because my eyes were seeing things I had never seen before in my life.

I wiped my face with my soaked inner-wear for me to have a clearer view  of what was happening but it was still the same scene that was displaying. To my amazement, all the cloths I hung inside my wardrobe, were waving from North to South, West to East and left to right, in an orderly manner. Even my shoes were matching forward and backward as if it was being coordinated by a choir master.

My body was shivering so i rushed up from the bed to run away but my legs couldn't move because the plates and pots were dancing and hitting each other in such a nice way that it was producing a melodious tone.

Immediately, my head lose its balance and it was dancing steadily to the rhythm of the erotic music and romantic tones. I picked up my book to note what was happening but my pen was acting funny. Itself had started dancing, which was unusual. While looking at it myself, I had started dancing and was walking in the pen's direction as if I was charmed to it.

The pen jumped through the window, I followed also, jumped out of the window, and to my surprise, there was a huge crowd of men and women outside. This time around I could here the lyrics of the song they were singing. It was so loud that birds in the air and all living things including the forest animals had no choice but to form a new choir, dance and sang to the artistically performances of the drummers who had applied so much skills not only to the way they hit the drums but also the way they move their hands from one drum to another with a cordial movement of their heads and bodies.

"43 years ago, Our angel, Our saviour,  descended on a day like this; the heavens cried for what they would miss as he was an angel like no other, a beauty inside and out.
We were lucky to have found you first,
and even luckier as we fell in love with you.
Laughter crackled with your mirth,
and you made us the happiest people on earth.  You have revived our culture and have also made our world a better place to live.
Oh what a fine day, as
we celebrate your birthday today. We pray that the gods of our land keep you safe and sound,
and to always resist every strife and attack from your enemies.
You are the best and sweetest king ever!!!
Happy Birthday to our great king.."

Wow Who is this great King? where exactly did he live?
I was very much curious to know him. While  pondering on whom he was, the crowd echoed "All hail the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwunsi Ojaja II."

Oh! oh!! Oh!!! isn't he the man my granny told me about years ago that he will not only revive  African culture but will also create a rebirth of her source: Ile Ife, the great ancient city of Yoruba land?

It is my sole responsibility to find him! In fact i must see him! I had forgotten my magic pen was a very good listener and a helper in times of need. Immediately after hearing my words, it developed wings and flew away. As if I was charmed and being controlled by it, my hands changed to wings and before I could say jack Robinson, myself also had started flying. Though not very high but I was flying high above every houses in Ile-Ife , Osun state. While up in the air, I had people saying who is this young wizard flying high in the sky, what an abomination in our land. Some people came out with arrows, while some came out with guns, in a serious quest to shut me Down.  I could see their determination and commitment to making sure no one disrupt the sweet celebration of their great king. Unknown to them I have also made him my king because i had fallen in love with his good works: They keep shooting, but the more they shoot, higher up I go, until suddenly my wings disappeared and I landed recklessly on the roof top of a house. Boom!

Unknown to me I had fallen on the roof-top of the palace of Ooni of Ife, all I knew was that I landed recklessly. It was nothing different from a plane crash.

For years, I have heard of the Ooni(s) of Ife  but I have never been privilege to see any of them neither have I thought of any to be so much kind and wise like this particular Oba.

When my eyes opened after the fatal crash, I was surprise to see myself sitting on a royal bed in a royal palace, with royal maids, royal pictures, royal dignitaries from all over the world, and royal foods. Lest I forget, there was a huge cake! I mean a very beautiful cake. one that was beautifully designed for the king. It showcases all the royal emblems of a king in his palace: his crown, his royal scepter, his beautiful white car etc.

My eyes though very weak was dancing from one angle to another like a video camera. It was Not only looking at the beautiful palace but was also counting the gorgeous queues of ritual maids and messengers,  most importantly the special dignitaries that came from other countries. They kept trooping in like battalion of soldiers celebrating a huge victory over their enemies.

I was lost and awed at the way events unfolds, it was like there was a festival in heaven. Suddenly I heard a soft strange sound in my ear, I was afraid and triggered from my thoughts, I looked quickly, and almost pulled off the medical attachments from my body. But  to my amazement it was my pen that was calling my attention. It says " the king is coming..."

I looked back and saw the king standing by my side.  Oh long live the king!  My great king happy birthday! Please forgive me for barging into your palace. It was my love for you that triggered my body to act abnormally and as a result brought me here to your beautiful palace.  I have heard of your love,  how it knows no time, how you also have a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever. Please your Royal Highness forgive me.."Oh stop it, rise up! You are a beautiful gift send to me by the gods of our land. What a pleasant gift from heaven, rise up and eat! Celebrate with me!

Soonest my hands were dancing from the plate of pounded yam, to the plate of egusi soup highly  soaked with assorted meats, cow legs,  dried fish, pomo and stocked with fresh vegetables.

The numbers of gifts and birthday wishes sent to the  king from all over the world is not sufficient to list or enumerate all his great achievements. Till the world ends, one can say it all.

Truly, A great king does not need  powerful eyes,  cute voice and lovely face alone but also needs a beautiful responsible heart with affection forever.  This I found in him. It is the undiluted truth!!!


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