Saturday, October 14, 2017


Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.

My country, My Home Nigeria, it has been masterminded for every Youth conscience that corruption is the only  Paramount key to success whenever we attain political position or Public Office, not the fault of the Youths, but the way the Government of this country is been operated and the boomerang will be on the head of our Leaders who fails to do the needful.

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN  is a case study in which every Youth should mediate and soliloquize over, the economy of this country has scumbled and dwindled. Am not writing this article to tarnished any image but to draw the attention of our Leaders to notice that Nigeria Has Fallen

The present government have not play a good role for we the present generation to emulate, a country where things are been Lopsided, l think if this Leaders have failed to lead us to the promise Land, then overtaken is allowed in Game of Politics.
From research and finding, Olympus has one's fallen and rising to it's status quo due to it's persistent and focus of progressive minded citizens...

For cried out loud, how will $26billion missing in NNPC Treasury and still be demanding to lend the sum of $5billions from world bank for National Discharge, this is so Absurd and Freaky slap to our dear Country.

A country where Mediocre is been celebrated while intellectuals were been neglected. Traitors everywhere, even in the Federal cabinet, where they wine and dine in the present government and nothing have been done to suppress their power to Zero limit, instead they were been empowered to execute and discharge fundamental roles in their various Constituencies.

If we the Youths of this present day cannot stand for our rights then we will continue to Labour for the old cadres who are not ready to shift power, then we are questionable to the next coming generation.

Olympus was entrusted in the hands of the most trusted ones but at the end of the day, they sold it out to the enemies for exchange of peanuts.

Finally, Nigeria has fallen to the ground and it is high time for every Youths of this country to team up and rise it again.
It is better to die for a good course today than live for something that didn't worth it tomorrow.
This is a great task and challenge to me and you as a Conscious and Concern Youth of this country call Nigeria.

Nigeria will be great, Nigeria will rise,
Nigeria will shine again.

God bless Nigeria!
God bless My Fatherland!!
God bless Me!!!

Yours Faithfully
Comr. Ogundeyi Adeoluwa Ade-Peters Hardex
A Concern Youth of Nigeria

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