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As the tides of things rise up towards the history-making, Medical Laboratory Technicians Departmental election (CHTA) which will take place in CHTA towards 2017/18 academic session scheduled to hold in the school first semester 2017/18 academic session.
Olorunsomo Smart (C.E.O.Smart360news) hooked up with one of the potential contestant in the AMELTSON election where he (Comr. Olabamiji blessing A.k.a Halogen) poured out his mind expressly.

The short interview below:

The name- HALOGEN has now become a trademark on CHTA campus, can you tell us more behind the name?

I am OLABAMIJI BLESSING from department of Medical laboratory Technician, Faculty of Medical Laboratory science a part 3 student to be precise. When I started politics I picked an abbreviated form of the name OLABAMIJI BLESSING SEHINDE which is  SMB
But my campaign team(SMB 2017)  told me to use my nickname due to my love for chemistry. That is how HALOGEN came up.

We understand since your 3years stay on this campus, you have held different posts in various section of the school, can you itemize some?

I have served as public relations officer for Independent Student Electoral Commission (ISEC) i.e. Electoral P.R.O for 2016/2017 session which currently brought Comr. ADENIYI SEGUN ABRAHAM in, And also ELECTORAL CHAIRMAN for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ONDO STATE STUDENTS CHTA CHAPTER (NAOSS) 2016/17 session, which brought Comr. OMOGBEHIN FEMI (A.K.A) JESU MARIA in. Am currently serving as the GOV ERNOR of the class for about 3years. Aside serving in different committees MEMBER OF AUDITING COMMITTEES for Comr.OKUNUWA EZEKIEL formal departmental president and so on.Smart360news permit me to say these are not just a post or position but an achievement tagged with references.

From your education background, have you ever hold an executive position to lead people?
Thank you Mr Smart, yes when I was in primary school I was the SENIOR PREFECT BOY of Homaj Nur/pry school.  I was the PRESIDENT OF HOMAJ AGRICUILTURAL YOUTHS ASSOCIATION (AYA).PRESIDENT OF PRESS CLUB, PRESIDENT OF FIRST AID CLUB SECOND IN COMMAND (2IC) OF HOMAJ ARMY CADET CORPSE, PRESIDENT OF HONORS CLUB, CHAPLE PREFECT BOY, HOSTEL PREFECT BOY, DINING PREFECT, UTILITY PREFECT BOY IN SS2, and also MEMBER OF ONDO STATE CHILDEN PARLIAMENT. UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF DR OLUSEGUN MIMIKO former GOVERNOR of Ondo State. And also I finished from Homaj International Secondary School Ondo City.Smart360news please permit me to say these are not just a position or post but a training which I pass through in other to have an experience in my political career in life.

Why are you vying for the post of president?
Hmm! thanks Mr. Smart, No one has ever force me to contest for this post, but I so much believe that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and Rome was not built in a day. Vying for the post of the AMELTSON president is like a stepping stone for my political career.

 Many believe that as a unionist, your academic will suffer. But from some sources we understand that you are flying high academically, how did you do that?
A sage once says I quote “through determination and persistency you can achieve anything in life”. This has always been my watchword and it has been a great mojo towards the success of my academics till date.

Have you ever had any plans of contesting at the students’ union level?
Yeah from my part 1 when I was admitted my plan B was S.U.G. PRO While my Plan A was Departmental president on getting known S.U.G. has been suspended from the school over five years which makes me to lose passion for it and determine and say to one self that the seed of my greatness is to have passion and vision for the Departmental president...I told myself am going to contest in the department when reinstated… Since it has been reinstated… I have plans for that and they are taking shape.

What was the motivation behind your political career?
Motivation come in different forms; God is my major motivator…
Personal ambition also from my friends as well from well-known politician in the state level.

The department as a demo. World should be a satellite that transmits life to the real world. Is there any of your plans that can help resuscitate Nigeria’s epileptic economy and develop Nigeria toward self-employment.

Yes, what I will tell Nigerians, mostly we the youths of this great Nation is that we are the leaders of tomorrow and the future  lies in our hand, every man has purpose to established in life. I don’t see self-employment as an abomination to the youth.

 What would be your priority as a presidential aspirants of one of the best department in this school?
My priority would be to ensure meaningful/tangible projects are executed…
Although such project which will be executed directly by my office…but one of such is ensuring we have good medical laboratory practice in the school and I so much believe in continuity not an abandon project given our financial potentials. Smart360news please permit to tell my fellow students of this great department that am going to list more of the project during my manifesto.

Do you have any word for the great AMELTSON STUDENTS? 
My word for great AMELTSON students are the words of Martin Luther king; which goes thus
“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” The TIME is NOW! I want everyone to know that the seeds of Greatness are vision and passion (Halogen 2017) wake up and be determine to succeed in life.

Any word to your potential co-contestants?
Yes as a young politician let practice politic without bitterness. And whatever you find yourself doing do it well. Thanks

We at smart360news.com wish you success in your adventure. We hope you will answer us next time when we call for you.?

Yes because information is power.
Thank you sir.

We promise to bring to you more eye-opening and educative interviews as AMELTSON elections draw near. As information is key to progressive revitalization.

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