Wednesday, October 4, 2017


With attitude of gratitude I hereby seized this medium to glorify God Almighty on the wisdom and understanding he has showered on us endlessly during the trial times. He is the praise worthy.
Permit me to humbly remind us that the substitution of intellectual sagacity will promulgate psychological profligacy among the individuals of our society.

57th years ago, Nigeria got her independence and they got liberated from the colonial masters who encapsulated and enveloped the country for their own personal gain, they exploited both the socioeconomic and political situation of Nigeria for their own benefits. They packed our people away as slaves and heinously exploited the economy to boost their gain at the detriment of our people. After many years of suffering in the hand of this heartless colonial masters, there came a glorious dawn.

On the first of October 1960 the British flag (The union Jack) was lowered for the Green- White- Green Nigeria flag to be hoisted. This suppose to be the beginning of transformation and rapid transmogrification in Nigeria but it is very unfortunate that our emerging leaders got it wrong and abused the great privilege and opportunity giving to them.

The sparkling truth is that from day 1, the foundation has been laid on shaky ground, our leaders have digged the foundation of the gloomy future.

Today October 1st could have been a very significant day for all Nigerians if we had got it right from the onset, 57th year in the line, the country economy is still crawling, and our democracy is nothing to write home about. Sentiments and dichotomies have taken the heart of the people in the country and it is causing a lot damages to the country economy.

The Old, the young, Women and Men, the rich and the poor are still following this tends of governance. We are experiencing lots of calamities in the country,  those in power have legalised embezzlement, security people that suppose to be protecting the citizens of the country are the one influencing corruption and crime in the society. Shedding of bloods of our fellow men becomes rampart, masses are suffering because what belongs to them have been taking away by those in power.

We have countries who don't even have up to half of the resources we have in Nigeria and yet they are satisfied and they are all living in peace and harmony but reverse is the case in Nigeria all we are experiencing is no stable electricity, high rate of unemployed graduate, high rate of committing crimes, insurgency everywhere, incessant killing, religious crises, kidnapping, stealing, and the likes.

Let me use this opportunity to salute those leaders who have contributed positively to ensure that Nigeria got her liberation from the captivity of the colonial Masters.

Hope is not lost, Thank God we are still alive to witness another birthday of this country and we will still celebrate many more of the independent so let's set a landmark so that generations to come will remember us. Let's use this opportunity to correct every wrongs that we have done, let's put things right for the betterment of our country Nigeria.

It is true that we are not too young to run but what impact do we have in our society. Remember, those in power started from somewhere and they all started when they were still young and active on stage and this is earning them the dividends they are enjoying now.

The Obasanjo of this country, Nnamdi Azikwe, Tarawa balewa, Obafemi Awolowo, Buhari, Segun Okeowo, Bukola Saraki, Bola Tinubu,Fashola, Atiku, Babangida, and the likes, they were at their early 20s and 30s when they find their into the system. Then it was not easy for them but determination and commitment launched them there. Why can't the youth of nowadays build a formidable and a covalent bonded team so that they will be able to participate in the politics of today.

Let us avoid the rape on our fundamental human rights. According to Nnamdi Azikwe in 1963, he said that "you don't have the right to rape me even if I walk on the street nackedly".

Let us all start embracing the politics of engagement, politics of issues,politics without bitterness and politics of objective criticism. For me politics is essentially the vehicle for service to the people and a medium to impact to our society because to be a manager of men and resources, which is what governance essentially entails, a progressive youth should be discipline in thoughts, emotions and actions. Youth should constantly engage with the people who are the owners of power. The thoughts and the feelings of the people should be the driver of management initiatives.

I believe with our experience and modest experience so far, we have internalised this attributes which I hope will be relevant to contributing to the magnificent development of our country Nigeria..

With all hanhands on deck, determination and will to succeed exhibited by the people, the future of Nigeria is still very bright.


(National P.R.O Nigeria Youths Leadership Initiatives).

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