Sunday, October 15, 2017

My letter to South Easterners- Divinefavour Lawal


You talk of diseases
We talk of treatment
You talk of ailment
We talk of treatment

You speak of pains
We speak of alleviating your pains.
You are dying of ailments
We wanna immunise you against ailment.

Some are dying of mokey pox
But we cannot kill monkey pox
Some are crying of monkey pox
But we cannot wipe away monkey pox
Some are crying of monkey pox
But we cannot wipe away your tears...but
Research is in progress to cure monkey pox!

We can help the uninfected ones
We can equip them against monkey pox
We can make them fight monkey pox


By National Immunisation Programme.
National Immunisation programme?
Yes! We need to eradicate monkey pox!
You are dying of monkey pox!
Monkey pox is killing you!

Stop it! You lied!
You wanna reduce our population!
By spreading virus to kill us.

Oh Virus?
We have got no virus, But immunization vaccines!

We don't want vaccines!
Your vaccines are no vaccines!
Your vaccines will only reduce our population!
Go away with your vaccines! Else we will keep spreading rumours!
We will keep shouting at you!
We will keep wailing!
And shall tell our wailers brothers to keep wailing!
So everyone will fight you and reject your vaccines!

Please don't do what your brothers did to us?
Which brothers?
Your brothers in Kano and core North.
What have they done?
They made a huge fused against our immunisation programme to eradicate polio by sharing false information that we aimed at reducing their population.

It took us millions of dollars and years of campaigns and exercise by FGN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary
International before we could achieve 99.9% success this year, something we could have achieved 10 years ago.

South Easterners, my eastern brethren, Bayelsa, Anambra....!
Monkey pox outbreak in your state is not Buhari's fault! Neither is it anyone's fault nor our fault!
Please allow us to carry out our  immunisation programme.
No you can not do that!!!

I just hope soonest you will not say Ebola is Buhari's fault or our fault.

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