Friday, October 20, 2017


Divinefavour Lawal

Some have parents but cannot laugh
Some can laugh but have no parents
Some have kids but have no joy
Some have joy but have no kids.

Give me parents that will make me laugh
Give me kids that will give me Joy

Some have wealth but have no peace
Some have peace but have no wealth
Some have house but no place to live
Some have place to live but have no house
Give me house and a place to live
Give me wealth and a peace of mind

Some are kings but have no subjects
Some are subjects but have no king
Make me a king that have subjects
Make us subjects have a king

Some are sick but have no drugs
Some have drugs but are not sick
Some are sick but rejects drugs

We have oil but but have no money
We have money but have no jobs
We have jobs but have no workers
We have workers but have no jobs

We have ministers but some are looters
We have looters but no ministers
We have police but some are thieves
We have thieves but have no police

We have scholars but some have no brain
We have brains but have no scholar
We have schools but have no students

We write jamb but have no admission
Admission comes but have no money
Money comes but admission runaway
Post jamb comes but post us away

Some have lands but no food to plant
Some have plant but have no lands
Some have land but have oil spillage
Some have food but oil spoils them all

Some have lagoon but have not fish
Some have fish but have no  soup
Some have soup and fish but have nothing to eat

Some have monkey pox but have no vaccines
Some have no monkey pox but rejected immunisation
Some hate prevention but loves cure

But as for me
I have love but have no love
I have no love but some want my love
Give me love that I will love.

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