Thursday, October 26, 2017

EDUCATIONAL STORM- Divinefavour Lawal


The recent increase in school fees otherwise known as tuition fee promulgated by some prominent state universities and polytechnics in Nigeria did not only weaken my body but destabilise my health.
University of Osun, Osun State catapulted from #230 000 to #289 000, while Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State flew from #120 000 to #150 000, and Osun State Polytechnic Iree, jumped from #30 000 to #70 000.

Anyway it is not a new thing to me because it has been a popular trend in existence for years. My current state of health was not encouraging at all. I thought I was the only victim suffering from such a huge dilemma, but when I got to the hospital, on my sick bed where I was primed to receive psychological and financial assistance, I came across several patients who were also students like me from different universities suffering the same predicament. I was dilapidated, heart trodden, and engrossed with sadness. I closed my eyes in pains to stop tears rolling out of my eyes like a flowing river.

What a storm of life! I said to myself. The increment in tuition fee is not to achieve any good motive at all but to oppress the poor rather. It is indeed a war to destroy the future of children who came from average families and poor homes. Some of which their parents had to toil day and night to sponsor their school fees while they engage in farming and petty jobs. Even the few that are privilege to find themselves working in the teaching sector are currently regretting their actions due to government lackadaisical attitude towards the payment of their salaries. While some whose parents has failed them are left with no choice but to be the father and mother of themselves. The latter was my situation last year: I became a 21st century gateman for a greedy rich man. I said 21st century gateman because the way I speak, dress and approach my daily tasks is very much different to that of the popular aboki/mallam.

I graduated from secondary school with a sophisticated brain that could decode almost anything. If I should call myself the brightest student during my years in secondary school, it cannot be an hyperbolic expression because it is an accolade given to me freely by almost everyone.

However the current plight of students as regards the increment of tuition fees was not different from the   condition I found myself not long ago working for my greedy boss:

After working for three months, I fell sick due to the vigorous nature of the job. I called him on phone,and after greeting him, I said "Sir  am very sick, very strong". He asked "how are you feeling?" I said "am feeling very bad and weak", he asked "why?" "Am very sick sir" I said. He asked "what do you want to do now?" I replied "sir,  I think what I need now is swift medical attention and not over the counter drugs." He asked what do I mean, I told him I have been on drugs for a very long time. Initially I thought it was something I could handle myself but sir its getting out of hands, Its now beyond my capability. He asked "so what do you want me to do?". It was then it became crystal clear to me that my boss was not ready to help me out. Weeks later, I called pleading and requesting for half of my salary to cater for my health but he shut me out. God being so faithful, himself fell sick and spent millions of naira in London hospital. Myself had prayed for his quick recovery.

The same cruel treatment I encountered working for my greedy boss is not much different from what I and my co-students is facing right now. The Nigeria government  has refuse to come to our aid and to worsen the whole case, the current university administration is not ready to hear our cry neither are they ready to help us nor rescind their decision by  reducing the exorbitant school fees mounted on our heads.

Please we all should note that what goes around comes around. Therefore am using this medium to call on state governors, prominent bodies and stakeholders in the educational sector to please come to our aid and hearken unto our plea because the final decision taken as regards the increment in tuition fee, whether good or bad will surely often have consequences for the development and growth of Nigerian youths and her economy at large including its future.

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