Friday, September 8, 2017

The gods By Sodiq Lawal


Pray for the gods, it looks like they are sick. Watch over them, they can’t even shield themselves.

Please help them walk, they look to tired and they look hungry but can’t tell you because they love to keep to themselves.

Carry them around because they can’t go places. Teach them the ibooks for they lack insight. They have no hopes of life nor death, yet their makers worship them.

Their makers gave them eyes but they can’t see, he carve them noses but they smell not. Even the devil has no power of life in them…..

We can’t hold on to them much longer, that they know we owe them nothing but that they wont believe. Its not our faults we can’t give them life, but we give them blood, blood they can not see, also we give them food, food they cannot eat.

There is only one secret to the power of the gods. It is what lives in their creators….the inner man of the human is the power of the gods.

The life we live make them exist. There is a better God to man, He is the ONE TRUE GOD. Yes we are gods of the gods, maybe one day they will realize and bow their heads instead of standing straight like a firm IDIOT.

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